Monday, August 17, 2009

Techonology...what did I do without it??

This weekend our Internet went out. Normally, this would have caused me to immediately call and report it and get it fixed ASAP! Only, this time, it was Friday afternoon and I forgot on Saturday somehow. This sent my husband and I into a frenzy Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. I luckily have a phone with email and Internet does he. For some reason, though, that wasn't enough.
How did we survive without technology? And more importantly, the Internet!
I think back only 12 years ago to when I was in high school. My family had the now dreaded dial-up. I didn't rely on email and would only check it once or twice per week. I don't have anything super pressing now, compared to what's my deal?
Well, I stressed about not being able to see my schedule the minute it was emailed to me. No biggie, I can see it on Monday. I shouldn't want to think about work on the weekend anyway.
Then, I wanted to find a recipe for "natural ice cream" that I had heard about. The only way I could easily get it was online. I realized I had to be resourceful. Only, what other resources are there?!?! I could go to the library. Nope, not open. I could try and find it in one of my millions of cookbooks. Nope, not listed. My mind is racing...what do I do?
Oh, I know, why don't I call the person that was telling me about it! Duh!
So that's what I do. I call Steven. No answer, voicemail. AAAAAARRGGGHHHH!! OK, stay calm. Call Craig, maybe he knows. Oh wait, Craig always screens his calls, he NEVER answers. Well, maybe I'll try Brian. The phone rings for ever. Voicemail. I leave a message with my fingers crossed that he calls me back in the next 5 minutes. I really want to make this ice cream! Even more so now that I feel like I can't.
Brian is awesome, he calls me back. "You can Google it and it should come up," he says. It's just making me laugh now. I think the universe is telling me something. Not that I should simplify my life...but that the internet simplifies my life. Ha! I tell Brian that I have no internet at the moment. He laughs and says, "ok, here's the recipe..."
Obviously, we have since fixed the problem and here I am blogging away. Now my question is, Internet simplifies my life, but does it so too much? Do I no longer feel the need to reach out to my friends for help? Has Google replaced my elders and friends whom I used to always go to for those things I just couldn't figure out? Hmmm....