Monday, August 17, 2009

Techonology...what did I do without it??

This weekend our Internet went out. Normally, this would have caused me to immediately call and report it and get it fixed ASAP! Only, this time, it was Friday afternoon and I forgot on Saturday somehow. This sent my husband and I into a frenzy Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. I luckily have a phone with email and Internet does he. For some reason, though, that wasn't enough.
How did we survive without technology? And more importantly, the Internet!
I think back only 12 years ago to when I was in high school. My family had the now dreaded dial-up. I didn't rely on email and would only check it once or twice per week. I don't have anything super pressing now, compared to what's my deal?
Well, I stressed about not being able to see my schedule the minute it was emailed to me. No biggie, I can see it on Monday. I shouldn't want to think about work on the weekend anyway.
Then, I wanted to find a recipe for "natural ice cream" that I had heard about. The only way I could easily get it was online. I realized I had to be resourceful. Only, what other resources are there?!?! I could go to the library. Nope, not open. I could try and find it in one of my millions of cookbooks. Nope, not listed. My mind is racing...what do I do?
Oh, I know, why don't I call the person that was telling me about it! Duh!
So that's what I do. I call Steven. No answer, voicemail. AAAAAARRGGGHHHH!! OK, stay calm. Call Craig, maybe he knows. Oh wait, Craig always screens his calls, he NEVER answers. Well, maybe I'll try Brian. The phone rings for ever. Voicemail. I leave a message with my fingers crossed that he calls me back in the next 5 minutes. I really want to make this ice cream! Even more so now that I feel like I can't.
Brian is awesome, he calls me back. "You can Google it and it should come up," he says. It's just making me laugh now. I think the universe is telling me something. Not that I should simplify my life...but that the internet simplifies my life. Ha! I tell Brian that I have no internet at the moment. He laughs and says, "ok, here's the recipe..."
Obviously, we have since fixed the problem and here I am blogging away. Now my question is, Internet simplifies my life, but does it so too much? Do I no longer feel the need to reach out to my friends for help? Has Google replaced my elders and friends whom I used to always go to for those things I just couldn't figure out? Hmmm....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

All hail Hail Merry!

As if The Movement Co-op wasn't already exciting, Hail Merry was there handing out samples!! Have you heard of Hail Merry yet? It's a new line of AMAZING raw goodies. My favorite is...well...all of it!

I sampled the blonde and chocolate macaroons, the crazy good chocolate tart, and I've been snacking on the grawnola all afternoon. Hail Merry was started by Susan, a Dallas-based Raw Food Chef (and all-around fun chick!). She wanted to spread the word about the benefits of healthy fats. What better way than through yummy delicious food! Hail Merry products are organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, full of omegas, contain no trans fats or processed anything. Could it get any better?!

The Movement Dallas is among one of the newest places to carry Hail Merry products. You can also find her stuff at Roy's, Whole Foods, Central Market, Green Spot, South Paw Organic Cafe, and Exhale Spa. Since the stuff is raw, it can be found in the refrigerated section.

I could probably sustain on the grawnola alone, I can't praise it enough! You are what you eat, so choose wisely. Remember, not all fat is bad fat!

Check out the website at

Have you tried Hail Merry? Tell me what you think!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clean Eating

I get the question, "what does it mean to eat clean" a lot. Before I get into it, I warn you, there will be lots of metaphors... : )

Think of your body like your car. It gets you around from place to place, you want to put the best fuel you can in it, you keep it clean, all so it will last as long as possible. You don't want to junk up your car, why would you want to junk up your body?

To eat clean is to eat as little processed food as possible, plain and simple. If you look at your food label and it's full of preservatives and sugars (real or not), it's not a "clean" food. Our bodies thrive on whole foods. Nothing that has a number or color in it's name.

What do you drink everyday? Do you start your day with a soda or a sugary latte? If the answer is yes, think about this...would you water your plants with it? Our brains are like plants, look at how a droopy plant responds to water. Our brain does the same thing. Feeling droopy? Try drinking a big glass of water!

I think my favorite thing about eating clean is just exactly how much you can eat! Fruits, veggies (raw, steamed, or grilled), lean meats, nuts, natural cheeses, eggs, whole grains...the list is endless!! FYI, the salad I ate for lunch today had all of those things, minus eggs. We ARE what we eat. If you spend you day munching on cookies, chips, and will be round and puffy just like those things!

Need some ideas on where to start?

-Switch to herbal tea in the morning. My favorite is Enfusia!! No caffeine withdrawals with this stuff.
-For breakfast (and you need to eat breakfast) have fruit and whole grain toast with peanut butter or fruit and eggs.
-Before lunch, pack some carrot sticks and hummus or other veggies. They're packed with water so they will fill you up without all the extra calories
-Lunchtime have a low-sodium broth based soup and a salad with fruit and nuts...and maybe some feta on top!
-If you need a snack on the way home from work, grab an apple. It can help curb your sweet tooth.
-Dinner is always a good time to try to eat lighter. Lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish) with veggies is my favorite. If I feel like I really need a grain, I choose brown rice or quinoa.

A good book to dig a little deeper into the "why's" of clean eating is "The Eat Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno. Also, feel free to drop me questions anytime! Happy eating!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

TOMS Shoes!

Have you heard about TOMS Shoes yet?

This company started as a way to help the world. Not only are they super-cute (and some are even vegan!), but for every pair purchased, they give a pair to a child in need. How cool is that?!

Since the company started, they have given over 140,000 pairs of shoes to kiddos in need! Their goal is to give 300,000 in 2009. Want to do your part? You can find them at Whole Foods,, or Check it out!!!

So who is wearing these funky shoes? EVERYONE!! Mine are on order right to be posted. Scarlett Johansson, Liv Tyler, Shenae Grimes (90210), Kristen Stewart, Keira Knightley, and Maggie Grace!!

Local Organic Co-Op

This past month, my husband and I decided to join a local organic co-op at The Movement Dallas! We enjoyed zucchini, tomatoes, raspberries, mangoes, red leaf lettuce, bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, sweet peppers, avocados, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. ALL ORGANIC!! We got so much for not a lot of money. It came out to be less expensive than a small trip to Whole Foods!

Why organic? To be organic, food must not be treated with pesticides or chemicals and isn't farmed with synthetic fertilizer. Organic farmers use sustainable resources and conserve soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. By eating organic, not only are you bettering your body, but also promoting a better world!

"Conventional" farms often use pesticides on their produce. While keeping bugs away, it is toxic to us! You may wash your fruit and veggies, but do you realize what actually soaks into the food itself? Many farmers also use steroids and antibiotics on their animals to keep them from getting sick and to make them bigger. Both = more $$! It's no wonder that our children are getting bigger and bigger. Steroids are in the food that we eat! What do steroids do...they make us grow...not always up. Organic meat is typically grass fed (no grains) and raised more humanely.

You may wonder if it is more expensive to eat organic. The answer is yes and no. The cost of organic food reflects the true cost of farming. Conventional food doesn't reflect the cost of environmental clean-up. Some organic foods such as meat and cheeses may actually cost less! As organic foods become more and more popular, the cost will continue to go down.

Check out for info on their local organic Co-Op.