Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clean Eating

I get the question, "what does it mean to eat clean" a lot. Before I get into it, I warn you, there will be lots of metaphors... : )

Think of your body like your car. It gets you around from place to place, you want to put the best fuel you can in it, you keep it clean, all so it will last as long as possible. You don't want to junk up your car, why would you want to junk up your body?

To eat clean is to eat as little processed food as possible, plain and simple. If you look at your food label and it's full of preservatives and sugars (real or not), it's not a "clean" food. Our bodies thrive on whole foods. Nothing that has a number or color in it's name.

What do you drink everyday? Do you start your day with a soda or a sugary latte? If the answer is yes, think about this...would you water your plants with it? Our brains are like plants, look at how a droopy plant responds to water. Our brain does the same thing. Feeling droopy? Try drinking a big glass of water!

I think my favorite thing about eating clean is just exactly how much you can eat! Fruits, veggies (raw, steamed, or grilled), lean meats, nuts, natural cheeses, eggs, whole grains...the list is endless!! FYI, the salad I ate for lunch today had all of those things, minus eggs. We ARE what we eat. If you spend you day munching on cookies, chips, and will be round and puffy just like those things!

Need some ideas on where to start?

-Switch to herbal tea in the morning. My favorite is Enfusia!! No caffeine withdrawals with this stuff.
-For breakfast (and you need to eat breakfast) have fruit and whole grain toast with peanut butter or fruit and eggs.
-Before lunch, pack some carrot sticks and hummus or other veggies. They're packed with water so they will fill you up without all the extra calories
-Lunchtime have a low-sodium broth based soup and a salad with fruit and nuts...and maybe some feta on top!
-If you need a snack on the way home from work, grab an apple. It can help curb your sweet tooth.
-Dinner is always a good time to try to eat lighter. Lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish) with veggies is my favorite. If I feel like I really need a grain, I choose brown rice or quinoa.

A good book to dig a little deeper into the "why's" of clean eating is "The Eat Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno. Also, feel free to drop me questions anytime! Happy eating!

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