Monday, August 29, 2011

OKC Grand Prix - 9 weeks and counting!

When I met with Jeff last, we discussed future shows. I knew at the time that I wasn't ready to be done for the season. He mentioned me trying to get ready for Texas State in October and possibly Oklahoma City Grand Prix at the end of October. He said, "let's shoot for Texas State, see how you are, and make a decision then." That sounded good to me. I even asked him to give me a new menu to hold me over until he had my new plan ready. Let's just say I haven't quite gotten back into a routine yet. My intentions were there...are still there...but my mind just wasn't ready.
Why do we self-sabotage? I know that I don't feel well when I eat crap, so why do I do it? I know that cheeseburgers aren't going to give me more muscle and donuts aren't going to help me burn why does my mind want them...constantly?! After letting myself gain almost 15lbs back from contest weight, I decided not only was it time to get real, but it was time to get real real quick. I have to hold myself accountable. That's the only downside to not working with a trainer in the gym. What helps me stay accountable is writing. Even if no one reads this, me taking the time to write down my feelings and intentions keeps my mind right. The other biggie is getting back into a routine. I had written about my routines or habits at one point. I need to get back into the groove with them. Cooking larger quantities, grocery shopping on my specific day that I used to, hitting up the gym around the same time...etc etc etc.
Ugh. That reminds me, my workouts have gotten a lot harder. It's like my last group of exercises was the minors and now I've stepped up to the bigs. The first leg program was killer. So much so, that today is the first day since Thursday that I'm not sore. I even had to split it up the day I did it. I only got through the 125 jump squats and 1 set of 50 lunges before my body wanted to stop. At that point, I hopped on the elliptical and chatted with a gym buddy for 30 minutes. Later that night, I was back up there...I even had Shane time me when I did my sprints. I'm not sure exactly what got me, but I had some serious soreness. Needless to say, that sidelined me for the rest of the week. I got my yoga in, but didn't lift again.
I have gone to bed every night for the last 4 days saying, "ok, back on track tomorrow." and have yet to stay on track. I think it's the "I'll start my diet tomorrow" syndrome. I know way too many people that do that...and now, myself included. Well, tomorrow IS when I will be back on track. I have my day planned out in my mind and have even prepped food for tomorrow. Part of what will make it easier is Shane is starting his meal plan that Jeff wrote for him tomorrow. I took a look at it, and it's legit. I'm a little jealous of his 2 allotted cheat meals, but then again, he's not trying to get on stage in 9 weeks.
I can do this. I know I can, and maybe that's why I've been slacking. Well, no more slacking. Tomorrow starts Tricia's road to a first place victory!! I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's tiiiime!

Shane starts back with classes tomorrow, all my teacher friends have their students back tomorrow, and as I sit here tonight thinking about what to write about, I can't help but feel like tomorrow is MY first day of school. I start back up with contest prep tomorrow for my next show and haven't been in the gym in what feels like forever. I have butterflies! Mostly because I have gotten to know a lot of people at the gym being there everyday. It's only been about 10 days, but feels more like 30! Crazy how a little time off can really mess with you.

To get more stage-time and practice, Jeff suggested I compete in the Texas State show in October. After taking this past week off completely, I'm ready to get back into the groove. Jeff sent me my plan which included my food and revised workouts. In order to put more muscle on, I need to increase volume. This means more reps and more weight. Shane and I totaled up my leg's insane. It's around 450 reps total. My legs get tired just thinking about that. Thank goodness for Jack3d and glutamine!!

I know that it will all pay off, but leg workouts are not my fave. They're tiring. I just have to think about how awesome my booty is going to look...legging all fall/winter!! Haha!! This next show will be fun since I already know what I'm in for. It won't be as big as Europa...and supposedly not as political. I think with the amount of time I have before the show, I will be able to put on some good muscle and have a little better look. It will all be in prep for my first NATIONAL show next summer-possibly in Chicago! Who wants to come with??

Thinking about it all gets me excited. The workouts may be rough, but I know I can do them. I just need to make a good play list and get mentally prepared for the next 8 weeks. I need to remind myself to just take it one day, one workout, one meal at a time. Luckily, I get a cheat meal for the moment on the weekends. We have one more reservation for restaurant week that I didn't really want to miss! Haha! Well, it's time for bed. Gotta rest up for my busy day tomorrow!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food Bender

Lunch today marked the end of my weekend...almost week long...bender. I knew things were getting bad when after feeling like crap all day from food the day before, I decided to eat Wendy's for dinner. It really didn't even taste good, but I kept eating it. What was wrong with me?! When Zoe made her sign for "want" and pointed to my french fries (yah, I got a combo) I quickly hid them. Why was it ok for me to eat it, but not her? Everything I had eaten for months prior, I was happy to share...except for the end when I needed and wanted every little ounce of food that was on my plate.

I met with my coach, Jeff, today to talk and plan my next show. Despite how hard it seemed sometimes, I really enjoyed the whole process. I want to do more. I want to compete in at least one national show. Just to see where it could go. Most national shows are out of state and it would be a fun reason to jet off for the weekend. Jeff asked me some different questions about how I was feeling and what I thought of the show. I shrugged at how I was feeling. "I'm ready to be back on a plan. I didn't know what to do when I didn't have to follow a certain routine." He laughed at me saying that I didn't know what to eat for breakfast on Monday morning. Shane had told me, "whatever you want babe." I just knew I didn't want egg whites.

Jeff said the hardest part for competitors is the post-show time. Transition is hard for just about everyone, no matter what they're transitioning to or from. Add food to that, and you're setting yourself up for one crazy ride. I'm still recovering from my bender. Stomachache, headache, lack of energy...the list goes on. I just can't help but think, "did I always feel like this?" I don't think I did, but I definitely didn't feel as good as I did when I was eating clean. I'm ready to get back into the gym (haven't set foot in it since Thursday) and get back into my food groove. I have some muscle to put on in the next two months and am ready to kick some butt!!

My next comp is going to be either Texas State or a show in Oklahoma...or both! I will know that for this next one, A candy bar or A cookie will suffice for my post-show "binge". No need for entire stomach and body will thank me. :) Now it's time for lunch: mixed greens salad with water packed tuna and basalmic dressing. Yum!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Europa and Beyond!

As I sit here in a slight sugar/food coma, I am searching online for different shows, bikinis, and overall motivation. This weekend was so amazing. When I think back, everything is a blur. I just remember the feeling I got being up on that stage. It was nervousness mixed with the rush of adrenaline. My lip quivered the entire time I smiled and I'm not sure if I was breathing.

When all was said and done, I was already thinking about what my next move would be. Placing 5th qualified me for a national show. As exciting as that is, I want to do a few smaller shows and continue working on building some more muscle. It's exciting to think what a little more hard work can do!

I texted Jeff letting him know that I wanted to meet to discuss my fitness future. We'll see what he says on Thursday. I'm debating on whether or not to do the Heart of Texas show in September. If I don't do that one, I'll be resting a little bit before hitting it hard to get ready for something at the beginning of the year.

The "season" is almost year-round. A lot of shows are in the summer months with the big scattered throughout the year. I may decide to do a Jr National show which is just a warm-up for a National show. All kinds of things to think about! If I can keep the muscle on and keep building, I have no doubt good things will be in store for me. :) Now, I just need to find a sponsor! Any takers??

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm ready!!!...I think...

Guess what? This will be my last blog before the Europa Supershow Dallas!!! **I got my nails done yesterday and the sound of them click click clicking on the keyboard is quasi-annoying, so this may not be a long one.**

The past few days have been a bit of a blur. A fun blur, but a blur. Mixed in with trips to the store for more fish, chicken, or sweet potatoes, was a facial, hair appointment, and mani/pedi. I have my bag pretty much packed and purchased a fun new cooler today for all my food for Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow is when the fun stops, however. I'll be cleaning house for most of the day along with drinking a gallon of water. No seasonings, condiments, or anything to drink other than water is allowed. No biggie. The chicken Shane grilled for me tonight smelled yummy, I don't anticipate it being too bad. Despite my penchant for tex-mex, I'm ok with a pretty bland diet. I don't really add salt or pepper to things and can do without ketchup on my SPF.

What I am looking forward to is how my body responds. We shall all see the results on Friday!! Many pictures to come. My heart pounds just thinking about it. It's a mixture of emotions...nervous, excited, scared, determined... I'm looking forward to the whole weekend, actually. I'll have friends and family joining me at Europa as well as afterwards for a yummy dinner that Shane put together. On Sunday, Zoe is being baptized and we'll have family there for that as well! It will definitely be a weekend to remember, a weekend of celebration. If I happen to also have a trophy to show for it, that would rock! If not, I'll be ok, but will have something to work towards in the near future.

Time to get some rest. Stay tuned for a show recap on Monday! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's tiiiiime!!

Well, here I am, 5 days out from my FIRST EVER NPC bikini competition!!!

I had been waiting on pins and needles all day today for my email from Jef
f detailing what this week would look like. Every time my phone would go off, I'd excitedly check to see if it was him.Finally, when the email did come, I quickly opened it to read, read, and reread it. I couldn't be more excited about the next 5 days.
I'll make my last official run to the grocery store to grab a few things that are on my menu for the week...PEANUT BUTTER!!! My workouts are going to be fun for me, I'll be hitting up upper body, lower body, then total body. Cardio
every morning when I wake up and then *BAM!* it will be Friday!!!

I can still recall what I felt when I first mentally committed to this show...then how it felt to vocalize it. Now, I'm days away. It's crazy how fast time goes. I know it will be such a good feeling to step on that stage for the very first time. My stomach will be doing flips, just like it did when I practiced my walk on Saturday for Jeff and Greg. I'm really good at picturing things in my mind. This time is a little different because I'm doing something entirely new. I try to picture it bigger than I think it will be, scarier than I expect it to be, and of course me kicking butt.

The email from Jeff included a list of "tips" for the show. It listed a few things I needed to make sure to pack like sheets, a pillowcase, and pedialyte. Three things I would not have thought to bring. I'm guessing the hotel I'll be staying at won't appreciate a body-size spray tan stain and the pedialyte will quickly rehydrate me once I step off that stage.

Time to eat my egg whites and hit the sheets. I have cardio to do when I wake up! Let's do this!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

One week from now...

One week from now I will be on stage under the bright lights strutting my stuff! It's crazy to think about. I think I'm ready though. Mentally, but not necessarily physically. I don't know if I'll ever feel ready me there is always something you can improve. That is not to say I like the way I look, because I do, I just have extremely high standards for myself.

I got my super dark spray tan today. As I sit here, I realize that not only am I dark, but I'm stupid dark. I like it. :) Pictures to come tomorrow! I'm looking forward to talking with Jeff about what this next week is going to look like. I'll be busy with all kinds of prep stuff and that's a good thing, it will help the time fly by! Big thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, even if it was a quick word, it means a lot!

Tomorrow is posing class, I'm ready to see who shows up. I'll have my game face on (which translates to a perma-smile for the stage) ready to show Jeff what I've been working on. He was in Vegas competing in the USAs. One of the guys he works with, Steve Kuclo, won men's bodybuilding overall and earned his pro-card. He's proof that hard work and dedication pay off. While I'm not trying to have 30" biceps, I am trying to be the best I can be. Even if that means tilapia for 1/2 of my meals!

Time to rest my body and get some much needed sleep! Check back tomorrow for pics from posing will be my last one before the stage! EEK!! Goodnight all!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creature of Habit

We all have habits. Things we do on a regular basis- hourly, daily, weekly, etc. The past few days I've noticed just how many habits or rituals I have. Most all of it is part of my routine and when that routine is thrown off, it shows. Whether it's that I'm scatter-brained for a minute or my whole days goes to pieces, change of routine really effects me.

When I wake up in the morning, I head to the bathroom. I then throw on some sweat pants and go get Zoe. She gets a clean diaper and we get ready for breakfast. I get hers ready first and she eats and watches me make mine. We do that almost every morning. When we're both done, she shadows me while I throw a load of laundry in, clean the kitchen, mop the floors, or unload the dishwasher...sometimes (rarely) all of the above.

If I workout in the morning, I drink my Jack3d and listen to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on my way. I typically park in the same spot each morning, put my sun shade up, then gather up all my things. I use the same locker every time. I picked it because I wanted to have one that was #1-5, #1 & #2 were too small, so I took #3. It's a tall locker, so I put my keys and sunnies on the top shelf, hang my bag, and take my heels for posing out. My iPod gets clipped to the same spot on my tank or sports bra and I head out for my workout.

Food has been my biggest habit since it's been the same things everyday. It's easy to get into a routine when your diet is constant. I just rotate between "day 1" and "day 2" meals. The times may change based on what I have going on for the day, but I get them all in.

At night, I get ready for bed the same way. I pull my hair back and slip on a headband. I brush my teeth forever because I love it. Then, I wash my face and slather on some yummy night cream. I put my jams on and get in bed. If Shane's still awake, we watch a tivo'd Chelsea Lately and then fall asleep.

I love my habits/rituals and have been finding myself creating new ones that match my new healthy lifestyle. My days are much more detailed than this, and some days are even dedicated to certain things like grocery shopping, filling the gas tank, etc. Getting organized and staying organized are keys to success. It's the preparation that can make all the difference in whether you become what you want to be or not. It's now time for me to start my night time routine! Goodnight all!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NINE Days!!!

Holy moly, nine days...eight days tomorrow....

Where did the time go? I have a feeling that this next week will either fly by, or draaaaaag. This week has gone fast, so I'm guessing next week will too. Today, I took a little time to pack a few necessities in my contest bag. Dark chocolate M&Ms, pretzel M&Ms, peanut butter...mmm..., and some powdered donuts. I think my eyes are going to be WAY bigger than my stomach, but I know I will definitely love a little nibble of everything.

It's getting down to the wire, all I can do is keep posing, keep training, and keep eating--do what my coach says and all will be ok! Everyone has been so supportive, I didn't expect the reactions I've gotten. I don't really know what I expected. My family and friends have been really awesome. It seems that someone always texts, emils, or FBs me right when I need it. Shane has even put together a little invite for a post-show dinner, it was so sweet. Apparently, he wants as many people as possible to witness my pig-out. Ha! Bring it!

As my diet has gotten more strict, I haven't wanted to cheat more. It's when I look at how much time I have left until the show that makes me want food. I'm looking forward to a break from being so strict. I think I'll want to compete again, but I will want a mini-break. I have been thinking about how much our society revolves around food. Dinners out, movies with popcorn, Saturday afternoon icecream, hotdogs at the ballgame. All things I kind of miss. When I really think about it though, 3 or 4 months isn't much. It will all be worth it when I step on that stage. :)

Even though I had a power nap today, I am exhausted. I'll be getting up early to get my workout in tomorrow. Upper body circuit day, my FAVE! Goodnight!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cardio Bloggin'!

As August 12th quickly approaches...11 days and counting...I find myself figuring out new ways to multitask! Today I'm blogging while biking. Don't worry, I'm on a recumbent bike. All I have to do is periodically check the screen to make sure my heart rate is where it needs to be.

So, here I sit at the gym being one of "those" people I shake my head at. The ones that sit/walk there on their phone/ipad/crackberry typing away. Hey, if it weren't for my heart rate monitor, I couldn't do it.

I have a lot to look forward to over the next 11 days. Not only will I continue to add muscle and drop fat but all the girly stuff starts. Hair cut and color (staying dark, just covering the blonde that keeps poking back through), trial spray tan, nails, and of course more post contest food shopping! LOL! This whole process has been fun for me, but I do love all the girly primping stuff that motherhood has put a hold on.

I've continued my daily/hourly visualization stuff that has kept me focused. I'm feeling more and more ready each day to show off all my hard work on that stage. I'm also excited to watch the other competitors do their thing. Victory loves serious preparation!

I have a feeling I'll be rolling up to the Dallas convention center with a big 'ol suitcase. Inside will be all the things that have been recommended to me to have on hand by fellow competitors. Track suit to stay warm backstage, hair dryer to stay warm backstage, every kind of snack I could imagine because I don't know what Jeff will want me to eat depending on how my body looks, bikini bite to keep my suit in place, lip gloss, flip flops, post-show outfit, and of course my suit and shoes!

Being the list maker/prep queen that I am, I already have most of this stuff together minus the food. While I'm hoping that my last week will be stress free, I'm not stupid. Time to finish up my cardio, drink some protein, and take my baby girl to the splash pad!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ima needin' some inspiration

Tonight I finished a killer leg workout and headed back to the locker room to change and do some posing. There's not normally anyone around so I don't have to worry about looking completely vain as I check out my progress in the mirror. It's nice to know my mind has shifted from, "ugh, I don't like what I see" to "looking good, ok, let's work on this now". However, neither statement was me saying I'm satisfied.

I am loving how my body has transformed, don't get me wrong, but I'm starting to get nervous again. Just like how I was a few months ago when Jeff asked how I was feeling about the way I looked. At that point, I had contemplated giving up and conceding to the fact that I wasn't going to make enough progress in enough time to be competitive on stage. I didn't want to (and still don't) look like I didn't belong on stage. It wasn't until Jeff said, "I think you can do it, you just have to focus and work hard." Coming from him, that meant a lot. My fire was reignited and I dug deep to find that determination.

Well, tonight I'm needing those words again. Maybe it's the lack of tan, make-up, and hair in a pony. Maybe it's the lack of carbs feeding my brain. Whatever it is, it better pass. So, I have to remind myself why I'm doing what I'm doing. I want to kill it on stage. I want to hear my name in that first call-out. (for anyone who doesn't know, first call-out most likely means you're in the top 5) I want a company to tell me they want me to represent them or they want to sponsor me in some capacity. I want, I want, I want. Ha!

In order to get what I want, I know have to work hard for it. If it was easy, everyone would do it, right? Until recently...this year...I didn't know how hard I could push myself. This contest prep has given me a taste of how much I CAN push myself, and I want more. My muscles like being pushed, they like getting beat to shreds, and I like knowing that I can handle it.

My goal for this next week isn't to be ready to step on stage in 7 days, rather it's to see progress from today. I have 14 days until my goal. I have to remind myself that A LOT can happen and change in 14 days. I just need to focus on what I'm going to do tomorrow to make myself better. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Energy and persistence conquer all things. -Benjamin Franklin

Friday, July 29, 2011


In the past week, I have found myself saying, "I'm obsessed with _____!!" I decided to take some pictures of the things I'm obsessed with at the moment as well as list them and why. I'm sure there are things that I've missed and things that will be added on a daily basis.

In NO particular order:

-The show Cupcake Wars. I don't obsess over wanting a cupcake, rather over the flavor combos and creativity.
-Real Housewives of ____ - alllll of them. I love/hate the drama, it's a nice release from reality.
-Oxygen Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Hers. I've been absorbing every single word as well as drawing inspiration from them. I love seeing the beautiful STRONG women that grace the pages.
-Vitamin Water Zero in Squeezed. Tastes just like lemonade without all the sugary calories! De-lish!
-SWEET POTATO FRIES!!!! Need I say more? They're amazeballs.
-Mustard & Ketchup. See above. I only use a hint of ketchup with my SPF (sweet potato fries).
-My black Nike Free Walk shoes. Yes, the "walk" edition. They're so cushy and feel great through my heavy leg/cardio workouts.
-Steam in the bag asparagus. I love something easy, and it's delicious!
-Crystal Light Pure. Doesn't taste fake and I can carry it with me anywhere just in case I need something sweet. :)
-Dymatize Cafe Mocha Whey Protein Isolate. I swear it tastes like a melted frappucino. Yum.
-SWEET POTATO FRIES! haha, I'm really really obsessed with them.
-Oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon in it. True, it IS one of the things on my diet, but I really look forward to eating it. It's one of the things that gets my booty out of bed in the morning.
-Lip Balm. Any kind, any flavor, I have about 4 or 5 in my gym bag/purse/diaper bag/car at all times...without transferring it bag to bag. Yes, I have a lot.
-Crest Whitestrips. What's better than a white sm
ile? I love that I can use one and see he difference immediately!
-My shaker with the shaker ball. It's petite, but holds just what I need.
-Jergen's Skin Firming Lotion. I LOVE the smell of it, very clean, and I totally tell the difference when I don't use it.
-Our grill. I grill on it almost everyday. Easiest way to cook up a bunch of chicken for the week. :)
-My iPod shuffle. I have an iPod touch, but the shuffle is so easy to just clip on me and go!
-50 cent, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Fergie, Missy Elliot. They ALL get me through my workouts.
-My bed. It's where my muscles get to grow and my eyes get to rest. Plus, I have a hot husband to lay next to. :)

I'm sure my list will grow/change tomorrow...with the exception of that last one. Goodnight everybody! 13 days to go!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet 16

To "celebrate" today (my "sweet" 16), I purchased my first of many post-contest goodies. Tom Thumb had Chips Ahoy cookies on one get one free. I stood in the aisle trying not to drool. I don't think I could tell you when the last time I had a Chips Ahoy cookie, but I do love them. I had to decide which 2 I wanted. There's your basic chocolate chip, which is classic, but now they have 4 or 5 different ones. I decided on the rainbow chip candy blast one and yummy Reese's peanut butter cup. It was then and there that I officially gave up my grocery shopping duties...until Thursday night before the comp! Ha!

Tonight at yoga, I told my students of my cookie purchase. They all laughed as I described how excited I was and how much I was looking forward to eating some of them. "Not the entire bag?," several asked. I know I will say I want to, but what will actually get eaten before I'm sick...I'm not sure. I continue to say how I really do like what I'm eating right now. It's just that occasional snack or meal that I miss. I'm sure I will be able to get it out of my system within a week of finishing Europa.

The way that food has transformed and changed my body is crazy to me. I've always heard...and said...that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. I couldn't agree more. What prepping for the competition has done for me is not only gotten me into the best shape of my life, but confirmed what I had been thinking for the past few years. I want to continue my education in nutrition. I understand the personal training side of things and have even rekindled my love for it. What I've always wanted to focus more on is nutrition. I've had clients that I've been able to help get back into good cardio shape and build muscle, but I know the missing link has been nutrition. I want to help people with that struggle. Shane has even seen great changes with his body by stepping it up nutritionally. He looks great! I look forward to us opening a DBAT and me helping not only the athletes, but the whole family.

What started as a goal to just get my butt on stage before I turn 30 is now turning into something that can truly change my life. I can NOT wait to see what the future holds! Do what you love and love what you do. It's that simple. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mustard is my friend

Today was a good day. I'm a little shocked by being able to type that statement. Why? Because it was day one of my carb deplete days. I didn't have my usual morning oatmeal...or my delish lunch sweet potato. Instead it was egg whites for breakfast (I throw 2 ounces of chicken in), chicken and veggies for lunch (insert mustard here) with some almonds, protein snack, protein/karbolyn post workout, fish with salad for dinner, and then my egg whites to cap off the night.

What made almost all of the above easier to swallow was my addition of a tablespoon or two of mustard. I had gotten some ground chicken from Central Market the other day. I decided to make chicken "burgers" for lunch. I added fresh garlic, garlic powder, smoked paprika, pepper, low sodium worcestershire sauce, and chopped bell pepper (part of my green peppers). Then, I molded them into perfect little patties and grilled them up on the Foreman. Since bread hasn't been on my diet in months, I used some crisp romaine leaves...and of course, topped with mustard! They were surprisingly yummy and quenched my taste for something savory and juicy.

Tonight's dinner was especially yummy with the added olive oil to my usual basalmic-only dressing. Mustard popped up again with my egg whites before bed. I added just a squirt of ketchup* and when I closed my eyes and visualized anything other than egg whites, the thought of a corn dog came to mind. I guess because I love mustard with just a hint of ketchup when I eat one. I told Shane this and he laughed saying, "hey babe, whatever gets the job done." He knows how some nights I've literally been choking them down.

Hopefully mustard will stay in my diet up until the last few days. I don't have many other options, plus I've read that it can help with burning fat! Tomorrow marks day "Sweet 16" and I'll be doing an impromptu posing sesh with Roland Jell at Gold's. I met him a few weeks back when I found out that he was emceeing for Europa. Good person to know! I may have some pics to post up. Gotta get comfortable walking around in that suit! Until tomorrow, goodnight everyone!

*Heinz makes a great ketchup called "Simply Heinz". It doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup and I think tastes just a little better than the others.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello Mr. Foreman

Dear Foreman Grill,

I know it has been awhile since we last spoke. As I remember, you were non-stick, but tonight you seemed to want to keep half of my yummy fish dinner. I love you, but I think I'm going back to your cousin outside.


I busted out the Foreman tonight because our propane is out. Normally, I like to grill several meals at a time, it saves time and makes it easy to grab. I grilled up some chicken earlier this afternoon, but wanted my fish fresh. I can season things, just need to watch my salt. Tonight was tequila lime with a little bit of lemon pepper. Yummy! Despite it sticking, it was still delish.

As I type this, my eyes are heavy and I'm ready for bed. My mind is a little blank...and based on the above letter, I may or may not be delirious. I'm a little sad I won't get my oatmeal tomorrow morning because of my carb cycle, but I am looking forward to my almonds come lunchtime! :)

Time to eat my eggs and get some rest. Legs tomorrow!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

No More Cheats

I got my revised meal plan tonight from Jeff. Not bad, doing another carb cycle again. Last time, it produced some amazing results combined with my increased cardio, so I'm looking forward to it.

At the bottom of the plan, where it normally says what "cheats" I'm allowed, it just said, "NO MORE CHEATS". Boo. I knew this day was looming. It's better that way anyway, it's not like my cheats were really cheats. I was allowed 1 cheat meal on the weekend when we first started. It could be anything I wanted. Anything. Then, it got cut back to 1 clean cheat meal on the weekend. A clean cheat meal consisted of fish or chicken made my someone else along with steamed or grilled veggies made by someone else. I could also have sugarfree/no sugar added froyo...which I savored.

Zoe and I went to Target tonight to pick up a few things for the week. I knew I needed to go tonight before I was too deep into my week. I know I need to stay focused and even told Shane tonight that he would probably need to be the grocery shopper for the next 18 days. It's not so much that I don't trust myself, it's more that I just don't want to see or think about the bad stuff. I do, however, have a running list of things I must have in my goodie bag for post-show pigout. Oreos, anything made by Little Debbie, BREAD...the list has the possibility of becoming endless.

I did receive a tip at this week's posing class: bring a bag of digestive enzymes, Tums/Rolaids, and anything else that might help my tummy from feeling like a bomb went off in it when I do decide to eat "unclean". Right now, I'm debating between a burger, fries, and milkshake from Twisted Root; a feast of salad, endless amount of breadsticks, and pasta from Olive Garden or Maggiano's; or a complete mexican fiesta from MiCo or Uncle Julio's. Maybe I'll hit up all of the above...just which one is first... ;)

Since it is now down to the nitty gritty, I'll warn you in advance that the tone of my blogs might change. You may notice a bit of grumpiness and this is to be expected. I'm starting to get hungry and have been tired for weeks...but this too shall pass! I have been able to handle much more than this, so I know I can do it. Gotta keep that end goal in mind!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm just a poser.

Today was Saturday, which means only one thing....posing class with Jeff!

When I think back to that first posing class, I remember feeling super nervous and super intimidated. The girls were all so fit and made it look so easy. Thankfully, I had scheduled a one-on-one session with Jeff earlier in the week so I could get a feel for what I would be doing. I wouldn't think I'd need to be taught how to walk, stand, and smile...but I did. I had to learn how to exaggerate my hips without looking akward and make it, as Jeff said, "look like you have booty coming from every direction". Sounds funny doesn't it? But, I guess there isn't anything much girlier that a perky, round booty.

Two of my four workouts revolve around my butt. You know how I said that a cute outfit makes all the difference? Well, on booty days, that's especially true! If you were to be a fly on the wall next to me at the gym, you'd laugh as you watched me try to nonchalantly catch glances of my backside. Hey, if I'm going to spend hours working on it, I want to make sure I'm seeing my hard work pay off!! Lunges, squats, jump squats, jump lunges, smith machine squats, smith machine lunges, leg press, and repeat. On any given leg days, I'll do about 500 reps of leg/butt exercises. Most of which are with weight anywhere from 10lb dumbbells for my plyos (anything jumping) to 85lbs for smith machine squats and 130lbs (+ or -) for leg press.

Now that I have my suit, I have that much more of a reminder that my booty is going to be on display for all to see in 3 WEEKS! Eek! On that note, I need to eat my egg whites, swallow down some glutamine, and hit the sheets.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Europa Dallas is exactly 21 days away. Three weeks. The sound of that is crazy. I still remember the feeling I had when I told Shane I wanted to compete. Saying those words out loud was scary. Now, here I am, getting ready to put on a teeny bikini, clear heels, and full-on glam to strut my stuff on a stage in front of hundreds... I had to remind myself to breathe there.

I'm ready. I've been saying daily affirmations and envisioning myself rockin' it on stage. Hitting my poses perfectly and of course hearing my name called in the first call-out. Top five. I WILL be in the top 5.

I am a visual person, so I've started making little notes to post everywhere. "Top 5", "3 weeks", "make every day count". Just little reminders when my mind tries to take-over and bring me down. I feel like I could eat my weight in sweet potatoes right now. Some days are easy and others (like today) all I can think about is food.

To distract myself, I'm going to get some retail therapy in and just keep drinking my water. Lots and lots of water. Maybe I'll even make my low-cal sugarfree Passion Tea Lemonade. Passion Tea mixed with Crystal Light lemonade. Mmm...yes, I will make some of that.

Tomorrow is posing class and since my suit is here, I'll really get a good feel for what it will be like. Pictures to come soon! Thank you to everyone for your continued support, it has really helped keep me motivated!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh the power of a cute outfit!

Today was one of my fave workout days. I did an upper body circuit that consisted of chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. I hit everything and I hit it heavy. It was a successful day.

One of the things I always look forward to is picking out my gym outfit. I know it sounds a little silly and a bit like one of "those" girls...but I really do love my workout gear. Granted, 90% of it is lululemon, but even if it wasn't, I would still look forward to picking it out. On arm days, I like to wear shorts. I'm not jumping around doing plyos, so I feel like there's less chance of unflattering jiggle. I typically wear leggings/tights on leg days. Mostly because I like the extra support they provide for my muscles.

Like I said earlier, most all of my gym stuff is lululemon. I mix and match it up, some days going super bright with a coral tank and purple leggings; other days it's all tones of grays and black. Of course, my shoes also coordinate. Ha!

Why such consideration when I pick out my outfit? What difference does it make? I'm there to work hard and I'm just going to what's the point? Well, I don't wear make-up and my hair is always in a pony with a headband. So, for me, when I look in the mirror, I want to feel cute. I want to feel confident. Plus, if I'm that excited about picking out my clothes, I'm much more likely to drag my butt to the gym even when I'm not feeling it. Ever hear that you can "trick" yourself into feeling however you want? I believe that is true. If I can put something on, anything, and say, "wow, that's cute" or "I love this color", I'm going to hold my head a little higher.

Today was no exception. I loved my neon yellow/greenish tank and coordinating plaid run shorts. I felt good and I think that translated into my workout. As the day of my show gets closer, I'm looking for every edge I can get...even if that just means a cute sports bra or tank top!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shout out to my Homies

Tonight's workout was great! If you happen to be friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed my post about a girl at the gym that had given me dirty looks. I had simply asked if she and her friend were going to be using the one set of weights for awhile or not. She rolled her eyes and said, "uh, yeah." I just smiled and said, "no problem, just wanted to check." Then I proceeded to grab the next heavier set...not what I wanted, but hey, if they're going to be the reason to lift heavier today, so be it! However, I couldn't help but notice glares from the two girls through the rest of my workout. What?! Oh well, hate on me all you want, but I've worked hard to get here and am proud of how I look!
It made me realize how lucky I am to have a big support system. Without that support, I wouldn't be where I am today. So, thank you to Shane and everyone else who have lifted me up and been supportive of me along my journey thus far. It means more than you know. Don't worry, those girls didn't get to me, and I know that there will be many more in the future. Haters are my motivators!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Egg Whites, Egg Whites, and more Egg Whites...

I officially have 25 days to go until the BIG day. Europa. I have my countdown up on the fridge with my bikini fabric swatch next to it. The fridge isn't the demon that it once was. Before it was where I would find myself if I was bored. Now, it's where I keep my "fuel" and my goals.

I've been going through phases of loving my diet and loathing my diet. Loving it when I see results and feel great with lots of energy. Loathing it when it's someone's birthday and that mean cake taunts me. You know that commercial where the woman is at the supermarket and telling off the cake with the bear sheriff? That's me at a birthday party, baby shower, etc. Both times I've given in. Why? Because I know I can have just a taste...and also, at the time, wasn't 3 weeks from competition. Ha!

This morning while I was trying to choke down my 4 egg whites, I decided to find a way to enjoy them. Before deciding to compete, I would read other girls' blogs about their diet and how boring it was or how sick they were of the food. Well, the only thing I wouldn't care if I ever ate again is egg whites. I have 4 with breakfast and 3 or 4 before bed. Everyday. I'm a little tired of them and so is my mouth. At least at night, I have them hard-boiled with a little bit of mustard added. If I close my eyes, I can convince myself that it's deviled eggs. Breakfast, however, is totally different.

I remembered reading about "protein pancakes" in my Oxygen mag and decided to research to see what exactly was in them. Guess what? Almost exactly what I'm supposed to eat for breakfast! So, my happy little butt went to Central Market today and got some sugar-free maple syrup (which is surprisingly good, even Shane liked it!) and will be experimenting with my own version of protein pancakes in the morning. Fingers crossed that they are as good as I'm picturing them to be. Heck, anything will be better than what I'm trying to eat right now!

Now, I need to go eat my fish and salad. That I actually look forward to! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

where did Saturday go?

I should be asleep right now, but got wrapped up in "studying". YouTube has become such a great resource for me for finding video of my favorite bikini competitors. Posing class today could not have gone better. Jeff said I have made some great progress and I was feeling pretty comfortable with the posing. Only kinda lost my balance once...much better than previous weeks. Those turns can be tricky! ;)

I told Jeff about my peanut butter dream, he laughed. The good news though, is that I'll be getting some calories added back into my diet so I don't continue to drop weight as quickly. On Friday, I weighed in at 122.2. With 4 weeks still to go, I don't want to get too low and risk losing muscle and looking *gasp* skinny! I just have to laugh, the way Jeff said, "you look good, weight is down, but you're not skinny". At first, my inner chubby girl wanted to scream, "no! I want to be skinny!", but then I saw Jeff's face. It was then that I had to remember that I was in a space where "skinny" isn't a compliment. If you want to be respected, you need muscles and be lean...but not skinny. I think I like this place.

After class, I met up with my friend Jessica. She asked me if what I'm doing and how I look is something I want to maintain. I totally an extent. Probably where I am right now, or even where I was last week, is manageable. I treated myself to a little bit of Chick-Fil-A today and it didn't taste as good as I expected it to. However, the no sugar added vanilla/strawberry swirl froyo DID. Mmmm...froyo... I know that the froyo treat won't last much longer.

Thankfully, my abs are starting to come in, I can't wait to see what the final result will be. My stomach has always been my trouble spot, but I'm seeing results. I don't know that my body has ever looked or felt this good. Strong is the new skinny!! Lift heavy and eat clean my friends.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The princess and the "pea"nut butter

28 days and counting!
I know that my diet is getting more and more strict, but my dream last night still makes me laugh. It was very vivid, I had just posed for Jeff and was meeting him in his office to discuss the upcoming weeks. He told me that I needed to start eating a lot of peanut butter because I really needed to start putting on muscle.
When I woke up in the morning, I smiled and thought, "man, I wish that had been real". It was my first food dream, first of many, I'm sure! It's not like all I can think about is food, I actually do enjoy what I get to eat. Plus, I really like the way it makes me feel...and look! Tonight's dinner was yummy blackened grilled tilapia on top of a salad. It was delish. :)
The only things I do miss are the occasional cheeseburger and of course, cupcakes. However, I don't think I'll go back to eating the "bad stuff" as often as I once did. It seems that once you let yourself slip back, it's a very slippery slope that often leads to lots of indulging rather than the occasional treat.
I weighed in this morning and was surprised to see I had lost another couple pounds. I'm not sure how low my weight will go, I just know I need to get down to about 12% bodyfat. I know that sounds crazy, but it's just for a short period of time. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks!
Hopefully tonight's dreams won't be filled with cupcakes, burgers, or peanut butter...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I need a 26 hour day...

I got home from the gym at 10:15pm. Yup, that's right. I'm at an hour of cardio 6 days/week plus my 4 lift days. Tonight all I had time to squeeze in was cardio. That means upper body tomorrow, yay! :)

Before I hit up the elliptical, I headed to the yoga room to practice my posing. My 5" lucite heels have a new home in my gym bag so I can practice anytime, anywhere! I'm feeling more and more confident strutting my stuff as I see my body transform. It's all in the hips! I keep Jeff's words in my head..."you gotta make it look like you have booty from all directions, it's all about the booty". It's funny to me that so many women work to make their butt smaller and here I am busting mine to make it grow! I have J-Lo envy at the moment. Brook tanned me up earlier today, so my legs looked awesome! Thanks Brook!!!

I had planned on walking Arbor Hills with Zoe earlier today, but when I saw that the temperature was 101, I changed my mind. So, ipod in hand, I trekked it up to the gym. Thankfully, the elliptical has not only a TV on it, but sits in front of 4 big screens. I tend to get bored on the elliptical to I did half there then hopped over to the spin bike. The slightly insane Brian Wilson managed to keep me distracted with his ESPY penguin get-up...that man is an odd duck.

So, now, it's egg-white time washed down with some glutamine and then off to dreamland! Sleep well my friends, tomorrow is another day to achieve your dreams!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 days and counting...

See those pictures? The first one is from a few days ago (black top), the second was back in April (teal top).

The countdown to my first NPC show has started. I'm now 30 days out from the Europa Supershow Dallas where I'll be competing in the bikini division.

I've been working with Jeff Dwelle of Dwelle Athletics and am a "Bikini Rockstar". Jeff is awesome, he knows his stuff and has been tweaking my program for few months. It's getting closer and more intense as I continue to try and drop body fat. Gotta love tilapia! ;)

My goal is to not just walk on that stage, but own it and hear my name in the first call-out...putting me in the top 5!! I've wanted to do a show for over 5 years and have just now set my mind to do it. Why not? I'm practically a stay-at-home mom with a 1 year old and turn 30 this year. Yikes!

I ordered my bikini from, Ellen was awesome and answered alllll of my millions of questions. Hey, the bikini was expensive for how teeny it is, I wanted to make sure I got it right! Jessie Hamilton will be doing my make-up and I'll be getting my hair done at Salon 2222...extensions and all! I must say, I'm pretty excited to have long flowing locks!

So now, all that's left to keep working my booty off and pose pose pose! I'll be keeping you all posted on my progress over the next month, wish me luck!

Want to come support me? Please?! Check out for info on the Dallas Europa Supershow. August 12th is prelims, 13th is finals. Hope to see you there!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I thought eating was the hard part!

As you can see, I haven't been on here in a week. It's stayed on my mind, life has just gotten in the way! I'm about to finish week 2 of my Paleo Diet!! It's been surprisingly easy; the hard part is making time to write about it!
I'm really liking it, the cravings are getting a little bad here and there... I have to just remind myself that this is something I want to follow for years to come, so one or two non-paleo things during the week isn't bad. I've been aiming for 90-95% of my meals to be Paleo. This means out of the 35 "meals" per week that I eat, I can allow myself 2 or 3 meals of decadence. For me that may mean a potato with my steak or chicken...or dessert...or both!
Shane and I had a cheat lunch this past weekend. We went to Uncle Julio's to celebrate my finishing my Master Trainer Level 3 exam...I'm pretty confident that I passed it. We went all out, kind of. The meal started with ceviche royale with fish, scallops, and shrimp. Then we moved onto 4 pork tamales and combo fajitas with flour tortillas, beans, and rice.
After the yummy meal, we were basking in our glutton and like clockwork, hit a wall about 20 minutes later. Man does gluten and dairy slow us down!!
Today I decided to have part of a candy bar that I was craving. I knew that if I just ate a piece of it, I would be satisfied. Otherwise, my mind would have kept me thinking about it all night. Well, I don't know which would have been the better choice because I am now dealing with a bit of a headache. Oh well.
Hopefully I can manage my time better and aim for blogging a bit every other day. Thanks for joining me on this food journey!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paleo Day 6 and 7

One week down!

I don't know that I've noticed a huge difference in my weight just yet and I also didn't do any "before" measurements. Well, actually I did. I had started with my waist...and that's where it stopped. Not the same waist size I had pre-Zoe. I'm at a lower weight, but everything has shifted, I guess. No biggie. I wear the same size, if not smaller in some things, and feel great.

The biggest things I have noticed this past week: I've been sleeping better, my energy has been up overall, and my skin is glowing. Bye bye gluten and dairy! Shane's energy seems to be up, too. It's also been fun experimenting with new recipes and meals. As I type this, I'm enjoying a yummy fisherman's cioppino from Whole Foods. I've never had it before and it is so delish!

Yesterday started off with an egg white scramble with mushrooms, onions, and spinach. Lunch was uncured apple chicken sausage with a berry spinach salad and half a mango. Shane's included a bit of leftover egg scramble. Last night, we dined on cod with a homemade pineapple mango salsa. This morning was a similar scramble and a banana. Tonight may include some steak and grilled veggies.

Trying new recipes and ideas has been fun and has reminded me how much I do like to cook. Fresh food is so much easier to work with and I feel like I can be more creative with it. Before I loved carbs first thing in the morning and often at night. Surprised? Nope. The more carbs we eat, the more our body craves them. Practical Paleolithic talks about how our bodies will eat protein and veggies until we're full, but will continue to eat carbs until we decide we're done. Sugar overload!!

I still will get the sugar bug at night, normally after dinner, but have found a yummy coconut milk "ice cream". I can have a tiny scoop of it and am satisfied. So yummy! Sadly, I still haven't made it to Crossfit, but seriously plan to this next week...

It's pretty cool to hear from different friends of mine that are following Paleo as well. I know there is always someone that I can talk to about it and get ideas from. I want this to be something that Shane and I stick to. Clean, healthy food works. Period.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paleo Day 4 and 5

Day four wasn't realllllly a Paleo day for me. Breakfast started out great (some turkey sausage and fruit), but I knew that I planned on having my "cheat" meal later. I like what Adam Farrah talks about in Practical Paleolithic; listen to your body and try to practice Paleo 90-95% of the time. This gives me the sense that I have a little freedom. Other times when I've tried to 100% eat clean, I've felt like such a hypocrite if I want a french fry or jelly bean. So, I had my Greek food last night and enjoyed every last bite of potato. Yummmmm!!
I got up this morning (day 5) and with the time change, decided to get my day started. I packed up my baby girl and headed to Market Street for more of their yummy Old Bay seasoned shrimp. I loaded up the cart with organic fruits and veggies, including some rainbow chard I'm excited about, and headed for the checkout. Apparently noticing my plethora of organic goodies, the college-age checker asked me, "so do you really notice a difference with this organic stuff?" In my head, I was screaming, "heck yes I do, how could I not??". Instead, I said, "oh yeah, the flavor is so much better". Even though I could have stood there for at least another 10 minutes going on about all the reasons to "go organic", I knew maybe that reason alone would encourage her to try it out. The whole time, Zoe stayed content teething on cold slice of organic Braeburn apple.
On the menu for today: egg scramble with hamburger and avocado, snack of an apple, lunch of spinach salad with strawberries and tomatoes topped with cold left-over broiled chicken, and dinner will be fish and mixed veggies.
One of the biggest reasons I decided to take on this challenge for 40 days...and hopefully a lifetime...was to be a strong role model for my baby girl. I want to show her how to take care of your body and how to be a strong, independent girl and woman. Everyday I wake up, I remind myself of that.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paleo Day 3

Well, they always say that the third day is the hardest for cleanses and diets. I did great during the day, but the sugar fairy must do something to me around 6pm. I have yet to crave starchy carbs...but sugary things...eek!
I had 2 jellybeans and a bite of the leftover spice cake. That's it, nothing more. However, jellybeans are just PURE sugar. Bad.
We've been having yummy breakfasts of eggs or turkey sausage (or both) mixed with veggies and a side of fruit. Lunch has been a lot of salads; yesterdays included a "hamburger" salad. Dinners have been pretty easy, just a lean meat and more veggies. I made some Swiss chard sauteed with onions, garlic, and some smoked paprika (picture shown). The smoked paprika gave them a "barbecue chip" flavor, which was very yummy. I paired that with some of Whole Foods organic pastured chicken quarters baked with some coconut oil to crisp up the skin. So yummy!!!
I'll continue trekking on. It's not so bad right now. I just hope the nighttime sugar craving subside soon. Time for breakfast!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paleo Day 1...and 2

Good morning!

Yesterday officially started my paleo adventure. Breakfast consisted of eggs with pico de gallo and turkey sausage. Lunch was a yummy spinach and kale salad with strawberries and shrimp, then dinner was steak and grilled zucchini. I snacked on raw fruit and veggies the rest of the time. It was surprisingly easy. I had expected to crave the jellybeans in the bowl on display in our living room, or the rest of the spice cake sitting on the counter. Both left-over from my sugar binge the weekend prior.
I shared a picture of breakfast this morning: turkey sausage with onions, spinach, and mushrooms. Sooooo yummy!
My goal for this coming week is to get my booty to the beginner CrossFit classes at Omega Performance Training in Plano. They have a Monday and a Wednesday night class. The trick will be timing it so that Zoe is in bed.
My husband, Shane, is joining me on this journey and I'm so thankful for that. His support will make the hard times so much easier. Plus, I don't think I'd last if he was parading around eating bread, rice, pasta, etc.
I'm getting a little hungry, so it's time for an apple and Zoe's nap! See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 7, 2011

40 days...I think I can, I think I can!

Hello all!
Since Zoe's birth, I've taken a huge hiatus, but am back!!! Since I last blogged, I've joined on to become the lead yoga instructor and coordinator at Omega Performance Training in Plano, TX. Along with amazing classes, they also have a Crossfit gym in the back.
I've been inspired to try it and also try the Paleo diet that is growing in popularity. The two often go hand in hand, eat and workout like a caveman! With Lent right around the corner, I figured this is as good a time as any. So, starting on Wednesday, I will be a "Crossfitter" and attempting to get lean with the Paleo diet.
I'm pretty excited since I've seen such amazing transformations in others with both regimens. My goal is to blog about my journey everyday, I know it will keep me accountable. Right now, I'm going to go enjoy a taco or two for will be my last for at least 40 days!