Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paleo Day 1...and 2

Good morning!

Yesterday officially started my paleo adventure. Breakfast consisted of eggs with pico de gallo and turkey sausage. Lunch was a yummy spinach and kale salad with strawberries and shrimp, then dinner was steak and grilled zucchini. I snacked on raw fruit and veggies the rest of the time. It was surprisingly easy. I had expected to crave the jellybeans in the bowl on display in our living room, or the rest of the spice cake sitting on the counter. Both left-over from my sugar binge the weekend prior.
I shared a picture of breakfast this morning: turkey sausage with onions, spinach, and mushrooms. Sooooo yummy!
My goal for this coming week is to get my booty to the beginner CrossFit classes at Omega Performance Training in Plano. They have a Monday and a Wednesday night class. The trick will be timing it so that Zoe is in bed.
My husband, Shane, is joining me on this journey and I'm so thankful for that. His support will make the hard times so much easier. Plus, I don't think I'd last if he was parading around eating bread, rice, pasta, etc.
I'm getting a little hungry, so it's time for an apple and Zoe's nap! See you tomorrow!

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