Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paleo Day 4 and 5

Day four wasn't realllllly a Paleo day for me. Breakfast started out great (some turkey sausage and fruit), but I knew that I planned on having my "cheat" meal later. I like what Adam Farrah talks about in Practical Paleolithic; listen to your body and try to practice Paleo 90-95% of the time. This gives me the sense that I have a little freedom. Other times when I've tried to 100% eat clean, I've felt like such a hypocrite if I want a french fry or jelly bean. So, I had my Greek food last night and enjoyed every last bite of potato. Yummmmm!!
I got up this morning (day 5) and with the time change, decided to get my day started. I packed up my baby girl and headed to Market Street for more of their yummy Old Bay seasoned shrimp. I loaded up the cart with organic fruits and veggies, including some rainbow chard I'm excited about, and headed for the checkout. Apparently noticing my plethora of organic goodies, the college-age checker asked me, "so do you really notice a difference with this organic stuff?" In my head, I was screaming, "heck yes I do, how could I not??". Instead, I said, "oh yeah, the flavor is so much better". Even though I could have stood there for at least another 10 minutes going on about all the reasons to "go organic", I knew maybe that reason alone would encourage her to try it out. The whole time, Zoe stayed content teething on cold slice of organic Braeburn apple.
On the menu for today: egg scramble with hamburger and avocado, snack of an apple, lunch of spinach salad with strawberries and tomatoes topped with cold left-over broiled chicken, and dinner will be fish and mixed veggies.
One of the biggest reasons I decided to take on this challenge for 40 days...and hopefully a lifetime...was to be a strong role model for my baby girl. I want to show her how to take care of your body and how to be a strong, independent girl and woman. Everyday I wake up, I remind myself of that.

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  1. I know what you mean. I feel the same way when people ask if organic stuff is really worth it. I love that you are going paleo. I am trying to transition into it.