Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Oh expectations, how you like to ruin me.  Remember when I said I was going to blog several times per week?  I even did it for a week or two.  I also was all gung-ho on keto.  I did that for a little over a week before tweaking my diet (still clean) to keep me sane.  When signing up for the Phil Heath, I said I wanted to do several shows this season.  As of now, I don't have any shows on the horizon.  At the start of each week, I have lofty aspirations of having an immaculate house by the end of the week...we all know that that has probably NEVER happened.  See a pattern here?  I set these expectations in the disguise of a goal quite often.  I would venture to say I'm not alone in this process.  To what degree you set these "goals" for yourself, I'm not sure.  I know that I shouldn't feel bad when things don't pan out the way I planned, but isn't that human nature?  Maybe it's the control freak in me...

I'm transitioning out of comp-mode with my eating and workouts, still.  I'd brainwashed myself that if I don't do/eat XYZ, then I'm not successful that day.  Lies, they're all lies.  Slowly, I'm changing that mode of thinking.  I've become a big fan of the "if it fits your macros" or as some half-jokingly call it - "if it fits your mouth".  IIFYM or flexible dieting is all about finding that sweet spot of balance.  There's nothing you can't have.  I am a HUGE fan of My Fitness Pal and use their app on my phone all day long.  It's the only way I can make sure I'm staying in my calorie range and percentages.  I've customized it for myself and play around with my percentages based on not only my goals, but how I'm feeling that day.  Am I run down because I stayed up past midnight on Pinterest?  I'll allow myself more carbs that day.  Am I feeling bloated because I ate chips and salsa the other night?  Bye bye carbs.  I typically stay in the range of 30-40% carbs, and split the remainder between protein and fat.  No need to count sugar for me as it all translates back to carbs.  I've also pretty much cut out all my fake sugars.  They weren't being very nice to my body anyway.

Ok, so now that summer is quickly approaching, and for me that means kiddos are out of school...I needed to start planning what my summer routine will look like.  *I had a friend joke about her making a 30/60/90 day plan for her family...but I guess that's kinda what I'm doing, isn't it?!*  In a perfect world, I would be lounging by the pool while the girls played and I wouldn't have to worry about them drowning or the pile of laundry waiting at home.  A girl can dream, right?  Instead, I know they will require me getting in the water with them.  This will be the perfect time to use them as little water weights and do some laps around the pool.  The park will also be a great place to get some plyos and HIIT in.  I'm planning on (without huge expectations put upon myself) doing this 12 minute AMRAP - as many rounds as possible - this evening from Kama Fitness :  

Whatever your goals are, set mini goals along the way.  No one is going to fault you for things not happening on an exact timeline.  Treat each day like a new day.  God willing, you get to wake up each morning and start over.  Maybe you had a kick-ass day the day prior, that doesn't necessarily mean today will be the could be even more amazing or a complete let-down.  Pick your battles with yourself and above all else, just keep going.  Set your intentions and move forward!!  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I found the cutest Mason jar frog lid (fancy thing for keeping your flower stems in place) on the other day that you can use on regular-sized mouth jars.  It makes me happy.  You don't need a lot of flowers to make it look pretty, either...and it's on Prime.  Score!

Enough about that.  Hey 80's & 90's, I'm sending your diet back, it made everyone fat sucks.  Remember the fads of high carbs, lowfat stuff (enter Snackwell's brand and commercials)?  Well, they're awful.  No one was meant to eat 100g of carbs in a sitting.  Ever.  Maaaaaybe if you're a huge bodybuilder and have a specific reason to.  Josh Thomas, if you're reading this, disregard.  I'm speaking to the rest of you.  Carb comas are far too prevalent in our society.  Mix that with the abundance of sugar and caffeine and you've got a righteous concoction for disaster.

I like love fat.  I don't necessarily love dairy, but I do love whole milk cheeses in extreme moderation.  Avocado and coconut oil are on the top of my fave fat list.  Eggs and I don't really agree, but whip up a spaghetti squash crust quiche and I'm all over it! Maybe even top it with some avocado...  See a trend here?  Fats.  Not all saturated.  The good stuff.  Real stuff.  I buy only the grass-fed butter from Costco and I am the proud owner of a red Fiestaware butter dish.  It's pretty AND functional.  Totally justified purchase.

When I was on my comp plan, I had limited fats.  That was part of what caused my irritability.  My brain wasn't ever truly satisfied.  Remember me saying how I curbed sweet cravings by popping extra fish oils?  Ya know what those are?  Fats.  Mmmhmmm.  This leads me to talk a bit about the title of this little diddy.  Keto, ketosis, ketogenic diet, familiar?  If not, lemme break it down right quick.  *horrible grammar was intentional*

Ketogenic diets are those that are high fat, moderate protein, and low carb.  The diet forces the body to use fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates.  It was originally used to help children with epilepsy become seizure free.  Amazing what our bodies respond to!  Be warned that if you decided to research and try the keto plan, you may become really carb sensitive.  I offically started it today and plan to cycle it so that my body doesn't explode when I take A bite of bread/rice/starch.  I played around with numbers, because I geek out like that, so that I can continue to build muscle while I shed fat.  In theory, it should work!  I'll report back in a few weeks pending me staying on it...ha!

My typical day will look like this:

Breakfast - lean meat (remember me and eggs don't mix), 2-3 strips of bacon, a slice of ezekiel sprouted bread with a smear of butter, 1/2 c or so of berries, coffee with coconut milk creamer.

Snack - scoop of protein powder, handful of almonds or spoon of almond butter

Lunch - turkey burger on a salad, mustard on top or turkey burger with 1c steamed broccoli, either choice plus one slice of ezekiel sprouted bread or 3 oz of sweet potato.

Snack - scoop of protein powder mixed with unsweetened almond milk

Dinner - tonight is flat iron steak on salad with cheese and ranch!  yummmm

I'm aiming to stay around 1800 calories and no meal to have more than 30g of carbs.  This isn't far from what my prep diet was like, I just wasn't given fats as an option.  I'm excited to see how my body responds to it.  The best part is cardio won't be a requirement to drop body fat!  Yes...that's what I said!  I'm still going to take a class here and there because that's what I like, but you won't find me on the treadmill.  My lifting crazy-heavy will be all that I need to get my heart pumping.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are YOU hungry for a change?

Sugar is bad, mkay?  If you know a smoker or have ever been a smoker, you know how bad breaking that addiction can be.  Sugar is the same way and you know's in EVERYTHING!  Well, it's in everything that's in a box or can on a shelf.  I'm sure there are a few things here and there that don't contain it, no need to call me out, I'm just making a point. ;)  It's the food industry's way of keeping us coming back for more like crazy sugar zombies.  

Watching Hungry for a Change today was pretty enlightening.  I've always been a proponent for clean and healthy eating, but there were plenty of science based statements that I know I'll carry with me forever.  Bye bye diet sodas, bye bye crazy (albeit sometimes delicious) sugary foods.  I don't need your crazy chemicals.  I truly believe that I can change not just how I look, but how I feel and how my body ages.  I want to feel and look young for-ev-er.  (catch that Sandlot reference?)

Once you understand that sugar is a drug, just like cocaine/weed/alcohol/meth, the better off you'll be.  It's addictive!  We're all probably addicted, if you're not, congrats!!  I am the first to admit that I have a sugar problem.  My sweet tooth is HUGE.  I'm not saying I will never ever put sugar in my mouth again.  Will it be a daily thing?  Hell to the no.  Weekly, maybe.  I'd like it to be even less often than that.  I've done it before, I can do it again.  There's plenty of ways to have a treat without compromising my health.  Seen those recipes on Pinterest for Avocado Chocolate Pudding or Sweet Potato Brownies? Yah.  Delish. 

Bread, pasta, soda, candy, chips, and ANYTHING processed has sugar in it.  Do yourself a favor and start eating real, whole foods.  Real food is delicious.  Very few Americans are eating real foods, we're eating food-like substances.  Don't just eat to look good, eat to feel good.  The looking good part will follow.  Eat to live.  Eat to nourish your body and soul.  Cheetos, though yummy, do not nourish your soul.  Mac & cheese used to be my drug comfort food.  Right now, I get that "ahhh" feeling from my brown rice and lean meat.  Tonight, I got that same feeling from my trusty baked chicken, asparagus, and sweet potato with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  

What's the easiest way to avoid sugar?  Don't buy it.  Shop the perimeter of a grocery store.  Fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, lean meats.  Better yet, find a co-op, grow a garden, shop local.  Two of my favorite quotes from Hungry for a Change was the tip of not thinking "I CAN'T EAT THAT" but "I can, but I DON'T WANT TO" and "People are overfed and undernourished".   Watch the first part of the movie here.

A scary fact was that a lot of the chemicals we're exposed to in our food are lipophilic (fat loving).  So here we are, sweating and trying to burn fat.  Unfortunately, we're not riding our toxins that have built up.  What can help?  Chlorophyll, think parsley and cilantro.  Both are great cleansers.  Cilantro detoxes heavy metals (think mercury) and parsley not only freshens breath, but cleanses your entire blood supply.  Make some homemade salsa and BAM you're cleansing!  Just don't dig into said salsa with chips...use it as your dressing on salad or in your morning eggs!  I also love drinking hot lemon water in the morning.  I LOVE coffee, but definitely feel better when I drink my hot lemon water.  I even just use a drop of my Young Living Lemon Oil!  Chia seeds and other gelatinous fibers will bind to those fat loving toxins and sweep them out of your system.  Chia seeds don't just have to grow on your terra cotta head/dog/other strange form from 1980.  You CAN eat them and even drink them!  Weight will come off when you cleanse.  It's more than that though, cleansing your body is like giving your car a tune up, it just runs better.

Try this chia seed recipe:   

I'll be making a version using almond milk and a gluten free flour. :)  Enjoy!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

My Besties are the Best

I love my friends.  I have some pretty amazing ones.  As I approached my 30s, I realized that not only was I really finding out who I was as a woman, but who my TRUE besties were.  These are my ride or die chicks.  The girls who I don't feel like I have to clean my house for; not because they don't deserve it, but because they love me no matter what!  They're the girls that will let me complain and gripe and whine, then remind me of what's truly important.  They're the ones that know my love language of coffee, make-up, and gym clothes.  Girls, I love you.  You've helped me become a better person every day.  For that, I am forever grateful.

Now, all of that for this.  I was surprised with a couple little goodies this weekend and I'm excited to share them with you!  My skin is super important to me.  I was the girl who used eye cream when I was 19 despite the wrinkly sales lady telling me that I "didn't need it yet".  Isn't that the point, lady??  Anyway, I'm always up for trying new stuff, so I was stoked when Jess handed over some goodies.  She is a huge fan of Kate Somerville products.  I've heard her rave about the 'Clinic to Go' Resurfacing Peel Pads.  They're a little buffing pad that you peel open and slip on your fingers.  It distributes the product and lets you manually exfoliate all at the same time.  Genius.

I forgot to use it on Sunday, so after I washed my face last night, I tried it out.  It says to leave it on for 2 min, so it was perfect timing for brushing my teeth.  Spit, rinse, rinse.  My skin felt super smooth and had a great glow.  What's not to love there??  Jess also threw a little pot of the Quench Hydrating Mask for me to put on after.  I slathered it on and hit the sheets.  This morning I checked out my skin and it was totally soft and hydrated.  Awesome.  Two big thumbs up from this girl!

Tonight I'm making some brunch goodies for my Mom to Mom group at church.  I wanted to "April Fools" them and bring a vat of grilled chicken and steamed brown rice...but instead I'm opting for something a bit yummier.  I, of course, defaulted to Pinterest for some ideas.  My goal was to find something that was gluten free and possibly even vegan.  (There's a mom who has recently chosen to go vegan.)  My girls love cookies, who doesn't a breakfast cookie sounded like a great idea.  Doesn't this recipe sound good?  I found it on Make or Die's blog. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Year-round Bikini Body? Yes, Please!

I know what you're thinking, did I just blog on Monday?  Why yes, yes I did.  I'm going to do my best to stay on a routine/schedule of blogging throughout the week about several different topics.  Lucky YOU, get excited!!  Since I couldn't really narrow down my blog to just one main interest, I'm going to throw several different things at you each week.  Again, get excited.  Feel free to comment with things you want to read about or questions that you may have that I can tackle!

Today I was inspired by a friend who's in the middle of his comp prep.  He's a warrior.  For real.  It's ridiculous how well his body responds to his meals and training.  Notice I didn't say "diet"?  That's because it's a lifestyle!  The sooner you let yourself think that way, the better.  There's always a flood of selfies on Wednesday of "Workout Wednesday" or "Waisted Wednesday".  This friend included both, but saved us on the #hashtags.  I'm a little hashtag obsessed, so I put my own in for him.  #hashtaghumorisawesome  *have you seen the YouTube of Justin and Jimmy hashtag talking? hilarious...and true.*

Summer is quickly approaching despite Dallas' fickle spring weather.  I'm bundled up in a blanket and sweatshirt right now as I sip on my hot coffee.  Three days ago, I was in flip flops and drinking an iced coffee.  Gotta love Texas.  Now is the time to start shedding your winter coat.  Ladies, that could mean a variety of things, I know.  (leg shaving season, exfoliating all the dry skin off your body, etc).  What I'm referring to right now, is that nice little layer of body fat.  Love chub.  Winter coat.  Whatever you want to call it.  Abs are definitely made in the kitchen, sorry.  You can do a million crunches, but all that hard work isn't going to show if you go home and eat oreos.  My body is a prime example of that.  I had amazing results with my body transformation because I was lifting like a crazy person, but I was eating perfectly.  Not every person wants to do that, I know.  There are a few easy tweaks you can make, though!

Five Fab Abs Tips:

1.  Cut out alcohol!  There's a reason it's called a beer gut.  Alcohol turns right to sugar, causes insulin spikes, and in return our bodies store those cals as fat.  Womp womp.  Still want that glass of wine?  Make it a spritzer by adding La Croix or Pelligrino to your regular glass.  Half wine, half bubbles.  It's yummy!!  If you don't like the bubbles, just limit yourself to one 4oz glass and then switch to water.  Your tummy (and head) will thank you.

2.  Limit the amount of processed foods.  Seriously limit.  Anything from a box or can relies heavily on salt and sugar to flavor it.  Especially if it's low-fat.  They have to do something to make it "taste good" if they take all the fat out!  Fat isn't bad.  Processed food is the devil in food form bad.  Period.

3.  Watch your gluten.  Breads, pastas, cereals; they all have it!  While you may not be gluten intolerant, I almost guarantee you'll notice a flatter tummy when you take that nasty stuff out.  I know bread is delicious, trust me.  I could down a whole loaf of hot french bread, by myself.  However, that is here nor there.  We're talking about how to shrink your waist!  Bread will not help in that goal.

4.  Fasted cardio.  This means cardio on an empty stomach.  I believe it to really help burn fat.  Some say it doesn't matter.  Play around with it and decide for yourself.  If you're eating clean and lifting weights, I advise 20-25 min of cardio 5x/week for best results.  I see tons of cardio queens at the gym.  They're not skinny.  You can't out train a bad diet.  Fact.

5.  HIIT.  High Intensity Interval Training.  Heard of it?  Doesn't it sound scary?  I thought it did.  However, once I got over the scariness of it, I've learned to love it.  I can kick butt for 5-10 minutes and be done.  Think sprint intervals, tabatas, and small circuits.  Not only do they blast fat, but they can also help you build muscle...this in turn helps you burn more calories while you're at rest.  It may be all in my head, but I feel like I wake up looking amazing slimmer after my HIIT days.

Wanna try out some HIIT?  Here's what I did today:

Step Mill Sprints:
Easy walking pace (mine was level 8) - 1 min warm-up
*once you complete the 1 min warm-up, alternate running and resting for 30 sec for 5 rounds total*
Running pace (I did level 17) - 30 sec
Hop off step mill (I keep it going with one foot pushing a step every now and then) - 30 sec
You can control your speed.  I know that I'm only running for 30 sec, mind over matter!  I'm also wanting to die huffing and puffing after!

Jump squats: Drop down into a deep squat then hop up as high as you can.
5 rounds of 20 jump squats - rest 1 min between sets
Beginner's aim for 3 rounds of 10.  Work yourself up to 20, then to 5 sets!

I did the above combo, then an easy 15 min of elliptical at a 120ish heart rate.

Try it out and let me know what you think!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Make-up Monday

Hey, have you heard?  Pantone's color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  *swoon*  Purple is my power color, so you know I was amped to hear it's the color we'll be seeing allllll year!  Now, "radiant orchid" is more of a fuchsia, BUT it's in the purple family.  I'll take it.  

I plan on incorporating this lovely color in several ways, first being on my face.  I'm a makeup girl through and through.  I may not wear it everyday, but I adore and respect it.  I love to pour over blogs and YouTube Jaclyn Hill...she's awesome-sauce.

The MAC counter, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Ulta are some of my favorite beauty playgrounds.  Don't be afraid to ask for help!  I typically look for a girl who has makeup on that I like when I ask questions.  Sephora makeup artists are REQUIRED to do so many services a day, so don't feel bad asking to try something!  I find that going in during the week leads to the best results.  No one is typically at the mall on a Monday or Tuesday.  That means more one on one time for questions and demos! 

How can you use radiant orchid on your face?  Glad you asked.  A fuchsia lip is the perfect way to brighten up your face!  It's being seen on the runways for spring and can be done in a bright or subtle way.  I LOVE a bold lip.  It's fun and pulls everything together!  A pastel on the eye and a bright lip is my current go-to look.  Kat Dennings nailed it here:

Notice her eyes still pop with just a light liner on top and lots of mascara.  Pale shadow that's a little translucent keeps it natural looking.  Her lip is gorgeous.  I have small lips, so I totally envy her plump pout.  I wanted to show her look because I know I have friends that are a little hesitant to do a bold color on their lips.  Did I say how I love this look for spring??!!  Her skin just glows.  Try a BB (beauty balm) or CC (color correcting) cream, a pink blush, pastel purple eye, and a fuchsia lip.  Start with a good primer to not only keep your eyes looking good all day, but it also helps to make the pigment more saturated.  Layer on the mascara and don't forget to define your brow!  I could do an entire post on brows...and I probably will...  These colors will look great on almost everyone.  Fair to olive to dark complexions will all look fresh and bright.  

Some of my favorite eye shadows are: MAC "Creme de Violet" eyeshadow and the Mineralize Eye Shadow x4 in "A Party of Pastels", Bobby Brown "Heather" is gorgeous on as well.  
MAC Mineralize x4
Bobby Brown "heather"

For the lips, you can find a great fuchsia in your fave formula.  Whether it's just a basic gloss or lipstick, this color is everywhere!  I'm a lip gloss addict.  For real.  Some of my favorites are just your basic drugstore finds.  However, if you want to treat yourself and splurge, YSL makes some AH-MA-zing stuff.  Berry kissable lip colors:  YSL "Rouge Volupté Shine" 19 Fuchsia Rage (I mean, look at that packaging!), Victoria's Secret "Shiny Kiss Flavored Gloss" in Shine Berry.  I own, literally, almost every single lipgloss that Victoria's Secret makes.  They're always 2/$15 & 4/$20 and they keep them in little tubs by checkout.  They make great additions to gift card gifts and are just all around great glosses!

YSL - 19 Fuchsia Rage

Next time you're out, stop by a make-up counter and try a new spring look!  If you already have some of these colors, now is the perfect time to bust them out!  I recently tried the pastel eye at the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show.  I loved how fresh and awake it made me look.  I missed taking pictures of it, but will recreate it and post it up later.  

Check back on Wednesday when I post some of my favorite "Buns n Guns" exercises!!  It's almost tank top season!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Highs, Lows, and Lots in Between

Wow, is it really Tuesday evening?  I guess so.  Time flies when you're in a sugar coma.  My stomach hurts.  Sugar, gluten, and cheese have wrecked me.  I'm over it.  All these things look delicious, taste kinda yummy, but then destroy me.  I have a bloated tummy and yesterday felt like a slug.  That's enough reason for me to not want to gorge myself on it anymore.  Ok, maybe just one more peanut butter cookie.

The comp didn't turn out how I would have liked.  There are plenty of things I could have done differently, but I had a lot of fun!  My bestie from Arizona totally surprised me and came down for the show.  We even snuck in some wedding dress shopping while she was here, it was so fun.  My other two besties drove to Houston on Saturday to come support us and ate dinner with me at midnight when the show was finally over!  I didn't place, but I still have plenty of shows to redeem myself.  

Before we drove home on Sunday, I made a stop by a studio where the talented Michael David was shooting.  I was able to jump in for a few frames and walked away with some gorgeous pictures and several new buddies.  It was definitely one for the books.  I told MD that he made my whole weekend worth it.  I had a blast in front of the camera.  Here's one of my fave images (if you haven't already seen it on FB...)

The make-up artists that did me up all weekend were so awesome.  Amy Peters did my whole face for the show.  She's a MAC Pro here in Dallas.  My suit (last minute change) was green, so she used greens and purples.  I LOVED it.  Super dramatic for the stage, but I would rock a toned down version errrrday.  That's how awesome it was.  On Sunday, I talked Julie Snider into doing a quick eye job on me.  As you can see above, it was beautiful, too.  She used Sigma brushes on me, I'm obsessed.  They were all teal handled and had little cup carrying cases.  Check them out here.

All the make-up play just got more even more geared up for this weekend's Nordstrom Trend Show.  It's going to be such a fun girls' day.  A dear friend is letting my girls spend the night at her house and spend the day on Saturday.  I'm already counting down to all the fun that will be had.  I STILL have and use samples that I got from the Fall Trend Show.  Not only is it a perfect time to get some pampering, but I love that I got to try out products that I might not have tried otherwise.  Fall had a lot of pretty big makeup artists and creative directors flown in.  It was really cool to hear first hand inspiration for collections and how they're going to translate from the runway to real-life.  I know this season won't disappoint!  I'm loving the Pantone color of the year, Wild Orchid.

Spring always makes me fall in love with pastels and florals again.  I'm loving boyfriend jeans and booties with lightweight sweaters or flowy tops to transition into spring.  Can you tell I'm already planning my outfit??  

Check back on Sunday or Monday when I do my big review of the Trend Show!  

Romantic Rocker

Mango ribbed sweater
$50 -

Cap sleeve shirt
$22 -

Mango beige top
$33 -

Nude wedge sandals
$60 -

Avalon Tote, Blush Perf

Renegade Bracelet

Cheryl Drop Earrings
$53 -

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Countdown to Peanut Butter and Lip Gloss!

Today marks 4 days out from the Phil.  Nerves are setting in as I sit here gulping down my gallon and a half of water.  I'm a ball of excitement mixed with fatigue and hunger.  It's an odd mix.  What I AM excited about is spending the weekend with my best friends in between all the craziness: Shane, Sara, Patti, & Brandi.  They're the "Bikini Support Team".  I'm so blessed to have such supportive family and friends.  Thank you!

What I'm also already planning...and probably shouldn' my next show.  Ha!  That's the benefit of starting my season so early, there's so many to choose from.  The sport has really blown up in the almost three years I was away.  I found out that a girl who makes the most AMAZING suits lives literally around the corner from me.  Small world!  I'll be paying her a visit next week while I still have a little of my stage body left.  The girl who is doing my makeup is also local.  Yay for Big D! ;)

These last few days, I'm just trying to keep my anxiety low and keep preparing.  My bag is pretty much packed, just adding things here and there as I think of them.  Patti and I got our spray tan appointments emailed today...2:30 & 2:45p...that will make for an interesting evening.  Ha!  Saturday morning we'll start hair and makeup pretty early and get a second spray.  Then we'll eat (enter peanut butter for me) and it'll be showtime!!  I'm doing both Novice and Open divisions.  Fingers crossed I place top three in one of them!  Also, I hope it's spaced out nicely so we can walk the expo.  So many booths to visit!

Speaking of glammie, fun things...  Have you gotten your ticket for the Nordstrom Trend Show on March 22nd yet??  I am really excited.  I made my appointments last week at the Galleria.  Facial with Kate Somerville, makeup with Bobbi Brown (amazing MUA being flown in), nails with ciate, and a hand massage with Jo Malone London...ahhhh, can't wait!

Get your $20 ticket (which can be put towards any beauty purchase) and it includes admission to the "pre-party" Beauty Bash with coffee and breakfast nibbles, giveaways, and samples.  Then head upstairs for the Trend Show that highlights all the new things coming up for spring in fashion and beauty.  Make some free appointments and enjoy a day of girliness!  Appointments start at 11a, so you'll have time to go grab coffee and brunch before.  They're filling up fast!  I had so much fun and got so much swag last year.  I'm definitely looking forward to doing some product reviews!!

I'll be posting all about what goes down when I return on Sunday and have a little surprise to share! Say a little prayer for me! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fat Tuesday...nope, Skinny Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday (Skinny Tuesday for me)/National Pancake Day/March Forth (do something day)/Peace Corp Day/National Grammar Day.  I find it pretty funny that all those days fall on the same day today...  Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day, and Grammar day all together is just asking for trouble.  Plus after you eat unlimited pancakes at Ihop, do you really think you're going to March Forth on anything?? Ha!

I wish I had been able indulge in some celebrations other than March Forth and National Grammar Day.  Everyday for me is Grammar Day.  #grammarpolice  However, not every day is "March Forth" for me...haha!  I DID however get quite a lot done.  Laundry, Mom to Mom group, two workouts, happy children, dinner, bed, boom.

This afternoon was starting to get to me.  I finished up my cardio after I picked Zoe up from preschool and then headed to Super Target.  Cartwheel is my friend.  Most days.  Today I decided I was going to pick out some random delicious junk to shove in my mouth have nibbles of the minute I walk off stage post-comp.  Remember, it's in Houston.  Long-ish drive home.  My cart looked awesome.  It was Fat Tuesday, afterall, so I totally blended in.  Tilapia, broccoli, salad, chicken nuggets for the littles, (now for the good stuff) white chocolate M&Ms, powdered donettes, 50th anniversary Chocolate Vanilla Creme Poptarts *say what?*, Double Stuff Heads or Tails Oreos *drool*, and Little Debbie Easter Basket Cakes *more drool*.

We had a discussion in my Mom to Mom group about whether what I'm doing is worth it and if I would go back to my "old eating" once I was done.  Truth is, I had no plans of going back last time.  I just happened to get pregnant and didn't have the mindset of having a "ridiculously healthy, workout the whole pregnancy" pregnancy.  Maybe I should have.  Oh well.  Instead, I just busted my butt for 18 weeks and ta-da!  My goal is to qualify for a national show.  I'll have a full season to then bust my butt and put on more muscle to compete for my pro card.  I'd like to think that I'll get some cheat meals in there while I "bulk".  Hopefully.  Until then, I'm going to keep my head down and do what I can in the next 10 days to bring my best to the stage.

I'm excited about all the girly stuff that goes along with it.  My hair will stay the same, hopefully the judges will like my look.  Nails are always enjoyable for me.  I'll do my own hands, but will most likely treat myself to a pedicure.  Amy Peters is doing my makeup and Jan Tana is in charge of my super duper dark tan.  All exciting stuff!

Time to drink my protein and take a nice hot bath.  These muscles are tired!  Nite Nite fit fam!

Oh, and if you decide to indulge in some more pancakes on another day...try this "skinny" pancake recipe! (Makes 2 pancakes, not 3 like the picture...but maybe those are really small...)

Skinny pancakes, no flour!

 2 egg whites 
1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal 
1/2 banana 
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract (optional) 

Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high for 15-20 seconds. Spray a griddle or skillet with non-stick spray for best results!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

17 days and counting

17 days.  Yup.  For real.  So close, yet so far away.  Let me rephrase, the comp feels close, my post comp food seems so far away.  I was just told to stop looking at food porn.  I wasn't trying to!  Honestly!!  Last night while I pinned "Chocolate M&M Cake Mix Cookies", I was clearly seeking it out.  Not intentional today while I browsed through my Instagram feed of mostly fit bods and inspirational quotes.  Darn you Stella & Dot and your doughnut cake!  *sigh* I have to remind myself that doughnut cakes will only make me look like a doughnut.  I don't want to be doughy anymore.

My competition prep is nothing extreme in my opinion.  I get a lot of food, my calories aren't crazy low.  The difference is, I've been working out hard and doing cardio 5 days/week.  I was probably MORE tired and run-down feeling before I started this comp.  I was eating crap whatever I wanted 14 weeks ago and rarely working out.  That being said, I don't feel like it's a diet I could sustain.  Trust me, "bulk" season is much more enjoyable.  Cheat meals are fun and even though I'll feel a little "fluffy", I know what my end result is...more muscle!  I'll be looking to my coach for guidance, but I'll be interested in following the theory of "If It Fits Your Macros", commonly hashtagged as #iifym  It's legit.  A lot of my fit friends follow it with great success and never feel deprived.

I'm someone who likes to start packing for something really early.  Like say, 2-3 weeks away...hehe!  My bag is set out and as I think of things that I'll need, I toss it in the bag.  Last time, I had a rolling luggage bag of cookies, candy, and other nonsense crap.  Need I remind you that my last comp was in Dallas...??  Ha!  I learned my lesson.  I literally ate 2 or 3 cookies and one snack size candy bar.  Done.  I told my mom tonight that I may come back 15lbs heavier since we have a whole road trip home.  Whataburger or Sonic, maybe some Taco Bell (yes, I know it's not real meat, but it's delicious).  I'll probably make Shane find our way through West to grab some kolaches at the Czech Stop...what else.  Oh wait, we were talking about packing.  Suit, heels, hair spray, black robe, cute post comp clothes, comfy driving clothes, my new makeup that will work with my ridic comp tan, 3D Fiber Lashes (because I'm beyond be blogged about later), toothbrush.  Done.  Boom.

I'll check y'all later, I have some Pinteresting to do...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 weeks and counting!

Man, I didn't realize it's been over a week since my last post!  My bad!!

I'm now 4 weeks away from the stage and couldn't be more excited.  Food and sleep have become critical.  I'm not trying to really make any gains, but will continue to push myself in the gym.  I had a great upper body workout today.  The weather was amazing, which only helped push me.  Do you know how hard it was to wake up when it was still dark and it was under 20 degrees outside??  Brutal.  When the sun is shining, windows down, Katy Perry-Dark Horse blaring on my radio, and sipping my Evogen EVP Plus...workouts are the highlight of my day!!  I can tell I pushed myself.  As I type this, my forearms are exceptionally heavy.  Good arm day.

My poor husband is getting to see the other side of me...the hangry side.  The carb deprived, tired, worn out, not so pretty side of me.  It's not as bad as when I was 100 months pregnant and the sound of him breathing irritated me, but it's close.  Thankfully, he's patient.  Very patient.  Plus, he gets to look at my smokin' hot bod while I dance around in my underwear...consolulation...right??  I'm going to tell myself that.

I was talking to a girl at LifeTime Fitness today about competing and how I still have those days of complete and utter doubt.  I think that's only natural.  As women, we doubt ourselves constantly.  Why would it be any different when you add the pressure (self-inflicted, I know) of stepping on the stage in a teeny bikini and giant heels??  That's where my coach comes in.  His weekly check-ins have been crucial to my mindset.  I have to remind myself that it's a process as well!  I'm down 20+lbs and have put on a bunch of muscle.  That happened really quick because of my radical change in diet and workouts, but it still didn't happen overnight!

Today is National Wine Day.  That sucks.  I kinda wish I even had the option of enjoying a glass or six.  Instead I'll drink my protein shake.  Maybe I could put it in a wine glass?  Nah.  I'll just go on Pinterest tonight and pin a bunch of delicious looking things and inspirational gym quotes.  They totes go together.  Yup, totes.

I'm starting a monthly "What's in Your Gym Bag".  This month will start with me, I was thankfully available on such short notice.

Gym Bag:  Stella & Dot Getaway Bag


Pouf #1: holds all my gum: Extra Dessert Gum in Lemon Squares, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Rootbeer Float.  My iPod shuffle and Coby Mini AM/FM Radio so I can listen to the TVs at the gym.  Ear buds.

Pouf #2: Various lip gloss (I have a bunch, but LOVE EOS), Aveda lotion, YL Thieves hand sanitizer.  I have a lot of lipgloss and this little Pouf goes from bag to bag, I just needed to keep them contained!

Floating around the rest of the bag:

Shaker cup with my BCAAs...major necessity.  They keep me from being super sore.  I can function after leg days because of them.

Lush Buffy - I LOVE this little soapy scrubby bar.  Comes in a little tin and is so yummy.  I don't feel like I need lotion after my shower.  Soft, smooth skin.

I also keep a sample pot of Lush Big Shampoo - This stuff is amazeballs.  It's super gentle and smells delish.  I only wash my hair about 2-3x per week with shampoo.  I typically scrub and rinse the product out of my hair.  It does much better when it's a little dirty. ;)

My bag also has an extra pair of socks and panties at all times.  I'm not sure why I do this.  Typically, I have my clothes to change into after I shower (LTF has great shower facilities).  Following that, I have my cheap rubber flip flops for said shower facilities.

What are your gym bag necessities??

Monday, February 10, 2014

Food Prep Made Fun!

My coach, Jeff, had a pretty kicka$$ bootcamp on Saturday.  There's a trainer, Josh, that's been helping him with his team and had posted about a leg workout for Saturday.  I decided that I would blast my upper body on Friday night since I knew I probably wouldn't be able to walk after the leg workout on Saturday.  Great plan, right?  Well, it would have been had my workout been with Josh.  It wasn't.  I walked in almost 10 minutes late to the bootcamp because I got caught behind a funeral procession.  I could have let it annoy me, but instead I reminded myself to be thankful that I wasn't one of the cars in that line.  Anyway, I walked in and P says to me "you missed push-ups till you drop as our warm-up!".  Jeff took that as a great idea and had us start off our circuit with push-ups...till I dropped.  I surprised myself (remember that upper body workout about 18 hours prior?) and busted out 30 "big girl" push-ups.  *pats back*

Right now, if you were to look inside my pantry, you'd see almost every single Mrs. Dash that is made.  There's a Southwest version that's not too shabby.  However, what I've been jonesing for are tacos.  I love Tex-Mex and there's not a lot (other than fajita meat) that goes along with my bikini prep meal plan.  Go figure. ;)  With me slowly saying bye-bye to starchy carbs, I need to find ways to keep my brain and taste buds satisfied.  Enter "Homemade {Salt-Free} Taco Seasoning" from the blog Olives n Wine.  I loved the idea of homemade and salt-free.  This way I know exactly what is going into my food.  Her recipe: click here calls for sugar, but I omitted that.  I also tweaked it adding 1 tsp of Chipotle Chili Powder in with the regular Chili Powder (still a total of 8 tsp). 

I followed the rest of what her recipes called for and the decided to add in 1 tsp of Cilantro at the end, just because I'm a rebel like that.  It turned out SO GOOD!!!  Flavor explosion of spicy with each bite.  If you want it less spicy, cut back on the Cayenne.  I added 2 Tbsp of the mix (that is being stored in that little Gladware container) to my pound of lean ground turkey.  De-lish.  It looked like taco meat and smelled like taco meat, so I was very happy when it tasted like taco meat.  I ate it solo with my green veggies and sweet potato, but plan to put it on top of greens for a taco-like salad.  

Try it and let me know your thoughts and what you do to make it "yours"!  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm back, for real this time.

Hello all.

So I'm for real when I say "I'm back".  Last go back in October was a failed attempt at faking it till I make it.  I wasn't truly inspired to write again, and frankly, didn't feel like I had the time.  Well, guess what, I'll never have enough time.  That's like saying, "we're waiting to have enough money to have kids." or "I messed up today, I'll start my diet tomorrow, promise."

Speaking of how I did that? contest prep is not only in full swing, but I'm only 5 measly weeks away from my first comp of the season!!! Eeek!!!!!  The Phil Heath Classic is being held in Houston at the Bayou Music Center on March 15.  My coach, Jeff Dwelle, is the same awesome dude I used last time.  This time his words were, "we'll keep you fuller longer".  That sounded really nice.  I think that longer period is up, though.  *cue stomach grumble*  I'm not complaining.  Really, I promise.  I eat all dang day.  I just also burn crazy calories all dang day because of all the dang muscle I put on.  Dang!

You know what else?  I'm seeing abs.  I've NEVER seen abs on myself.  By abs, I mean a tiny two back and some obliques.  I'll take it.  As I sit here and drink my delish Green Mountain Caramel Sweet Cream kcup black, yes black, I'm  **omg, I just clicked the X on my browser as I closed out other tabs and I about died...thankfully, I didn't have to go back and write this masterpiece that will be maybe enjoyed by three people.**  where was I?  oh yes, black coffee.  I'm AH-MAZED at the fact that in a mere 15 weeks, I've changed my body, yet again...and in my opinion, even better than my last go.  Perfect eating and crazy lifting can do that, I guess.

Since I can only "pin" yummy foods, I've had to shift my focus to other favorite things.  My list for January is as follows:

*Seagram's Sparkling Seltzer Water in Black Raspberry "mixed" with a to-go packet of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light.  Oh yum.  I'm not a fan of diet drinks or artificial sugar, but will have one of these when my sugar cravings are making me NUTSO.

*Stride Gum - Sour Patch Kids flavors.  I've only found this gum at the Super Target in Plano, but apparently you can buy it in bulk on Amazon.  It's awesomesauce.  Enough said.

*YSL Volutpte Sheer Candy in #4.  It's scary pink, but is a super smooth gloss that gives the perfect pink pout.  I'm a gloss junkie and typically bounce around, but this one has been my go-to since being gifted it for my birthday in December.  Thanks Jess!!  You can see it here: YSL Volupte Sheer Candy  I have the "Succulent Pomegranate".  Aren't the tubes glam??

I'm super excited not only for my show in March, but the following weekend is the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show!!  It's such a fun event and put on beautifully.  I for one look forward to waking up at 6am on a Saturday for that!

Follow me on Instagram @yogtricia and Facebook!  I'll be posting every week with my updates as the comp gets closer and closer along with my fave finds!!  Have a great weekend!!