Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Countdown to Peanut Butter and Lip Gloss!

Today marks 4 days out from the Phil.  Nerves are setting in as I sit here gulping down my gallon and a half of water.  I'm a ball of excitement mixed with fatigue and hunger.  It's an odd mix.  What I AM excited about is spending the weekend with my best friends in between all the craziness: Shane, Sara, Patti, & Brandi.  They're the "Bikini Support Team".  I'm so blessed to have such supportive family and friends.  Thank you!

What I'm also already planning...and probably shouldn't...is my next show.  Ha!  That's the benefit of starting my season so early, there's so many to choose from.  The sport has really blown up in the almost three years I was away.  I found out that a girl who makes the most AMAZING suits lives literally around the corner from me.  Small world!  I'll be paying her a visit next week while I still have a little of my stage body left.  The girl who is doing my makeup is also local.  Yay for Big D! ;)

These last few days, I'm just trying to keep my anxiety low and keep preparing.  My bag is pretty much packed, just adding things here and there as I think of them.  Patti and I got our spray tan appointments emailed today...2:30 & 2:45p...that will make for an interesting evening.  Ha!  Saturday morning we'll start hair and makeup pretty early and get a second spray.  Then we'll eat (enter peanut butter for me) and it'll be showtime!!  I'm doing both Novice and Open divisions.  Fingers crossed I place top three in one of them!  Also, I hope it's spaced out nicely so we can walk the expo.  So many booths to visit!

Speaking of glammie, fun things...  Have you gotten your ticket for the Nordstrom Trend Show on March 22nd yet??  I am really excited.  I made my appointments last week at the Galleria.  Facial with Kate Somerville, makeup with Bobbi Brown (amazing MUA being flown in), nails with ciate, and a hand massage with Jo Malone London...ahhhh, can't wait!

Get your $20 ticket (which can be put towards any beauty purchase) and it includes admission to the "pre-party" Beauty Bash with coffee and breakfast nibbles, giveaways, and samples.  Then head upstairs for the Trend Show that highlights all the new things coming up for spring in fashion and beauty.  Make some free appointments and enjoy a day of girliness!  Appointments start at 11a, so you'll have time to go grab coffee and brunch before.  They're filling up fast!  I had so much fun and got so much swag last year.  I'm definitely looking forward to doing some product reviews!!

I'll be posting all about what goes down when I return on Sunday and have a little surprise to share! Say a little prayer for me! :)

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