Monday, March 24, 2014

Make-up Monday

Hey, have you heard?  Pantone's color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  *swoon*  Purple is my power color, so you know I was amped to hear it's the color we'll be seeing allllll year!  Now, "radiant orchid" is more of a fuchsia, BUT it's in the purple family.  I'll take it.  

I plan on incorporating this lovely color in several ways, first being on my face.  I'm a makeup girl through and through.  I may not wear it everyday, but I adore and respect it.  I love to pour over blogs and YouTube Jaclyn Hill...she's awesome-sauce.

The MAC counter, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Ulta are some of my favorite beauty playgrounds.  Don't be afraid to ask for help!  I typically look for a girl who has makeup on that I like when I ask questions.  Sephora makeup artists are REQUIRED to do so many services a day, so don't feel bad asking to try something!  I find that going in during the week leads to the best results.  No one is typically at the mall on a Monday or Tuesday.  That means more one on one time for questions and demos! 

How can you use radiant orchid on your face?  Glad you asked.  A fuchsia lip is the perfect way to brighten up your face!  It's being seen on the runways for spring and can be done in a bright or subtle way.  I LOVE a bold lip.  It's fun and pulls everything together!  A pastel on the eye and a bright lip is my current go-to look.  Kat Dennings nailed it here:

Notice her eyes still pop with just a light liner on top and lots of mascara.  Pale shadow that's a little translucent keeps it natural looking.  Her lip is gorgeous.  I have small lips, so I totally envy her plump pout.  I wanted to show her look because I know I have friends that are a little hesitant to do a bold color on their lips.  Did I say how I love this look for spring??!!  Her skin just glows.  Try a BB (beauty balm) or CC (color correcting) cream, a pink blush, pastel purple eye, and a fuchsia lip.  Start with a good primer to not only keep your eyes looking good all day, but it also helps to make the pigment more saturated.  Layer on the mascara and don't forget to define your brow!  I could do an entire post on brows...and I probably will...  These colors will look great on almost everyone.  Fair to olive to dark complexions will all look fresh and bright.  

Some of my favorite eye shadows are: MAC "Creme de Violet" eyeshadow and the Mineralize Eye Shadow x4 in "A Party of Pastels", Bobby Brown "Heather" is gorgeous on as well.  
MAC Mineralize x4
Bobby Brown "heather"

For the lips, you can find a great fuchsia in your fave formula.  Whether it's just a basic gloss or lipstick, this color is everywhere!  I'm a lip gloss addict.  For real.  Some of my favorites are just your basic drugstore finds.  However, if you want to treat yourself and splurge, YSL makes some AH-MA-zing stuff.  Berry kissable lip colors:  YSL "Rouge Volupté Shine" 19 Fuchsia Rage (I mean, look at that packaging!), Victoria's Secret "Shiny Kiss Flavored Gloss" in Shine Berry.  I own, literally, almost every single lipgloss that Victoria's Secret makes.  They're always 2/$15 & 4/$20 and they keep them in little tubs by checkout.  They make great additions to gift card gifts and are just all around great glosses!

YSL - 19 Fuchsia Rage

Next time you're out, stop by a make-up counter and try a new spring look!  If you already have some of these colors, now is the perfect time to bust them out!  I recently tried the pastel eye at the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show.  I loved how fresh and awake it made me look.  I missed taking pictures of it, but will recreate it and post it up later.  

Check back on Wednesday when I post some of my favorite "Buns n Guns" exercises!!  It's almost tank top season!!

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