Wednesday, February 26, 2014

17 days and counting

17 days.  Yup.  For real.  So close, yet so far away.  Let me rephrase, the comp feels close, my post comp food seems so far away.  I was just told to stop looking at food porn.  I wasn't trying to!  Honestly!!  Last night while I pinned "Chocolate M&M Cake Mix Cookies", I was clearly seeking it out.  Not intentional today while I browsed through my Instagram feed of mostly fit bods and inspirational quotes.  Darn you Stella & Dot and your doughnut cake!  *sigh* I have to remind myself that doughnut cakes will only make me look like a doughnut.  I don't want to be doughy anymore.

My competition prep is nothing extreme in my opinion.  I get a lot of food, my calories aren't crazy low.  The difference is, I've been working out hard and doing cardio 5 days/week.  I was probably MORE tired and run-down feeling before I started this comp.  I was eating crap whatever I wanted 14 weeks ago and rarely working out.  That being said, I don't feel like it's a diet I could sustain.  Trust me, "bulk" season is much more enjoyable.  Cheat meals are fun and even though I'll feel a little "fluffy", I know what my end result is...more muscle!  I'll be looking to my coach for guidance, but I'll be interested in following the theory of "If It Fits Your Macros", commonly hashtagged as #iifym  It's legit.  A lot of my fit friends follow it with great success and never feel deprived.

I'm someone who likes to start packing for something really early.  Like say, 2-3 weeks away...hehe!  My bag is set out and as I think of things that I'll need, I toss it in the bag.  Last time, I had a rolling luggage bag of cookies, candy, and other nonsense crap.  Need I remind you that my last comp was in Dallas...??  Ha!  I learned my lesson.  I literally ate 2 or 3 cookies and one snack size candy bar.  Done.  I told my mom tonight that I may come back 15lbs heavier since we have a whole road trip home.  Whataburger or Sonic, maybe some Taco Bell (yes, I know it's not real meat, but it's delicious).  I'll probably make Shane find our way through West to grab some kolaches at the Czech Stop...what else.  Oh wait, we were talking about packing.  Suit, heels, hair spray, black robe, cute post comp clothes, comfy driving clothes, my new makeup that will work with my ridic comp tan, 3D Fiber Lashes (because I'm beyond be blogged about later), toothbrush.  Done.  Boom.

I'll check y'all later, I have some Pinteresting to do...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 weeks and counting!

Man, I didn't realize it's been over a week since my last post!  My bad!!

I'm now 4 weeks away from the stage and couldn't be more excited.  Food and sleep have become critical.  I'm not trying to really make any gains, but will continue to push myself in the gym.  I had a great upper body workout today.  The weather was amazing, which only helped push me.  Do you know how hard it was to wake up when it was still dark and it was under 20 degrees outside??  Brutal.  When the sun is shining, windows down, Katy Perry-Dark Horse blaring on my radio, and sipping my Evogen EVP Plus...workouts are the highlight of my day!!  I can tell I pushed myself.  As I type this, my forearms are exceptionally heavy.  Good arm day.

My poor husband is getting to see the other side of me...the hangry side.  The carb deprived, tired, worn out, not so pretty side of me.  It's not as bad as when I was 100 months pregnant and the sound of him breathing irritated me, but it's close.  Thankfully, he's patient.  Very patient.  Plus, he gets to look at my smokin' hot bod while I dance around in my underwear...consolulation...right??  I'm going to tell myself that.

I was talking to a girl at LifeTime Fitness today about competing and how I still have those days of complete and utter doubt.  I think that's only natural.  As women, we doubt ourselves constantly.  Why would it be any different when you add the pressure (self-inflicted, I know) of stepping on the stage in a teeny bikini and giant heels??  That's where my coach comes in.  His weekly check-ins have been crucial to my mindset.  I have to remind myself that it's a process as well!  I'm down 20+lbs and have put on a bunch of muscle.  That happened really quick because of my radical change in diet and workouts, but it still didn't happen overnight!

Today is National Wine Day.  That sucks.  I kinda wish I even had the option of enjoying a glass or six.  Instead I'll drink my protein shake.  Maybe I could put it in a wine glass?  Nah.  I'll just go on Pinterest tonight and pin a bunch of delicious looking things and inspirational gym quotes.  They totes go together.  Yup, totes.

I'm starting a monthly "What's in Your Gym Bag".  This month will start with me, I was thankfully available on such short notice.

Gym Bag:  Stella & Dot Getaway Bag


Pouf #1: holds all my gum: Extra Dessert Gum in Lemon Squares, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Rootbeer Float.  My iPod shuffle and Coby Mini AM/FM Radio so I can listen to the TVs at the gym.  Ear buds.

Pouf #2: Various lip gloss (I have a bunch, but LOVE EOS), Aveda lotion, YL Thieves hand sanitizer.  I have a lot of lipgloss and this little Pouf goes from bag to bag, I just needed to keep them contained!

Floating around the rest of the bag:

Shaker cup with my BCAAs...major necessity.  They keep me from being super sore.  I can function after leg days because of them.

Lush Buffy - I LOVE this little soapy scrubby bar.  Comes in a little tin and is so yummy.  I don't feel like I need lotion after my shower.  Soft, smooth skin.

I also keep a sample pot of Lush Big Shampoo - This stuff is amazeballs.  It's super gentle and smells delish.  I only wash my hair about 2-3x per week with shampoo.  I typically scrub and rinse the product out of my hair.  It does much better when it's a little dirty. ;)

My bag also has an extra pair of socks and panties at all times.  I'm not sure why I do this.  Typically, I have my clothes to change into after I shower (LTF has great shower facilities).  Following that, I have my cheap rubber flip flops for said shower facilities.

What are your gym bag necessities??

Monday, February 10, 2014

Food Prep Made Fun!

My coach, Jeff, had a pretty kicka$$ bootcamp on Saturday.  There's a trainer, Josh, that's been helping him with his team and had posted about a leg workout for Saturday.  I decided that I would blast my upper body on Friday night since I knew I probably wouldn't be able to walk after the leg workout on Saturday.  Great plan, right?  Well, it would have been had my workout been with Josh.  It wasn't.  I walked in almost 10 minutes late to the bootcamp because I got caught behind a funeral procession.  I could have let it annoy me, but instead I reminded myself to be thankful that I wasn't one of the cars in that line.  Anyway, I walked in and P says to me "you missed push-ups till you drop as our warm-up!".  Jeff took that as a great idea and had us start off our circuit with push-ups...till I dropped.  I surprised myself (remember that upper body workout about 18 hours prior?) and busted out 30 "big girl" push-ups.  *pats back*

Right now, if you were to look inside my pantry, you'd see almost every single Mrs. Dash that is made.  There's a Southwest version that's not too shabby.  However, what I've been jonesing for are tacos.  I love Tex-Mex and there's not a lot (other than fajita meat) that goes along with my bikini prep meal plan.  Go figure. ;)  With me slowly saying bye-bye to starchy carbs, I need to find ways to keep my brain and taste buds satisfied.  Enter "Homemade {Salt-Free} Taco Seasoning" from the blog Olives n Wine.  I loved the idea of homemade and salt-free.  This way I know exactly what is going into my food.  Her recipe: click here calls for sugar, but I omitted that.  I also tweaked it adding 1 tsp of Chipotle Chili Powder in with the regular Chili Powder (still a total of 8 tsp). 

I followed the rest of what her recipes called for and the decided to add in 1 tsp of Cilantro at the end, just because I'm a rebel like that.  It turned out SO GOOD!!!  Flavor explosion of spicy with each bite.  If you want it less spicy, cut back on the Cayenne.  I added 2 Tbsp of the mix (that is being stored in that little Gladware container) to my pound of lean ground turkey.  De-lish.  It looked like taco meat and smelled like taco meat, so I was very happy when it tasted like taco meat.  I ate it solo with my green veggies and sweet potato, but plan to put it on top of greens for a taco-like salad.  

Try it and let me know your thoughts and what you do to make it "yours"!  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm back, for real this time.

Hello all.

So I'm for real when I say "I'm back".  Last go back in October was a failed attempt at faking it till I make it.  I wasn't truly inspired to write again, and frankly, didn't feel like I had the time.  Well, guess what, I'll never have enough time.  That's like saying, "we're waiting to have enough money to have kids." or "I messed up today, I'll start my diet tomorrow, promise."

Speaking of how I did that? contest prep is not only in full swing, but I'm only 5 measly weeks away from my first comp of the season!!! Eeek!!!!!  The Phil Heath Classic is being held in Houston at the Bayou Music Center on March 15.  My coach, Jeff Dwelle, is the same awesome dude I used last time.  This time his words were, "we'll keep you fuller longer".  That sounded really nice.  I think that longer period is up, though.  *cue stomach grumble*  I'm not complaining.  Really, I promise.  I eat all dang day.  I just also burn crazy calories all dang day because of all the dang muscle I put on.  Dang!

You know what else?  I'm seeing abs.  I've NEVER seen abs on myself.  By abs, I mean a tiny two back and some obliques.  I'll take it.  As I sit here and drink my delish Green Mountain Caramel Sweet Cream kcup black, yes black, I'm  **omg, I just clicked the X on my browser as I closed out other tabs and I about died...thankfully, I didn't have to go back and write this masterpiece that will be maybe enjoyed by three people.**  where was I?  oh yes, black coffee.  I'm AH-MAZED at the fact that in a mere 15 weeks, I've changed my body, yet again...and in my opinion, even better than my last go.  Perfect eating and crazy lifting can do that, I guess.

Since I can only "pin" yummy foods, I've had to shift my focus to other favorite things.  My list for January is as follows:

*Seagram's Sparkling Seltzer Water in Black Raspberry "mixed" with a to-go packet of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light.  Oh yum.  I'm not a fan of diet drinks or artificial sugar, but will have one of these when my sugar cravings are making me NUTSO.

*Stride Gum - Sour Patch Kids flavors.  I've only found this gum at the Super Target in Plano, but apparently you can buy it in bulk on Amazon.  It's awesomesauce.  Enough said.

*YSL Volutpte Sheer Candy in #4.  It's scary pink, but is a super smooth gloss that gives the perfect pink pout.  I'm a gloss junkie and typically bounce around, but this one has been my go-to since being gifted it for my birthday in December.  Thanks Jess!!  You can see it here: YSL Volupte Sheer Candy  I have the "Succulent Pomegranate".  Aren't the tubes glam??

I'm super excited not only for my show in March, but the following weekend is the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show!!  It's such a fun event and put on beautifully.  I for one look forward to waking up at 6am on a Saturday for that!

Follow me on Instagram @yogtricia and Facebook!  I'll be posting every week with my updates as the comp gets closer and closer along with my fave finds!!  Have a great weekend!!