Monday, August 1, 2011

Cardio Bloggin'!

As August 12th quickly approaches...11 days and counting...I find myself figuring out new ways to multitask! Today I'm blogging while biking. Don't worry, I'm on a recumbent bike. All I have to do is periodically check the screen to make sure my heart rate is where it needs to be.

So, here I sit at the gym being one of "those" people I shake my head at. The ones that sit/walk there on their phone/ipad/crackberry typing away. Hey, if it weren't for my heart rate monitor, I couldn't do it.

I have a lot to look forward to over the next 11 days. Not only will I continue to add muscle and drop fat but all the girly stuff starts. Hair cut and color (staying dark, just covering the blonde that keeps poking back through), trial spray tan, nails, and of course more post contest food shopping! LOL! This whole process has been fun for me, but I do love all the girly primping stuff that motherhood has put a hold on.

I've continued my daily/hourly visualization stuff that has kept me focused. I'm feeling more and more ready each day to show off all my hard work on that stage. I'm also excited to watch the other competitors do their thing. Victory loves serious preparation!

I have a feeling I'll be rolling up to the Dallas convention center with a big 'ol suitcase. Inside will be all the things that have been recommended to me to have on hand by fellow competitors. Track suit to stay warm backstage, hair dryer to stay warm backstage, every kind of snack I could imagine because I don't know what Jeff will want me to eat depending on how my body looks, bikini bite to keep my suit in place, lip gloss, flip flops, post-show outfit, and of course my suit and shoes!

Being the list maker/prep queen that I am, I already have most of this stuff together minus the food. While I'm hoping that my last week will be stress free, I'm not stupid. Time to finish up my cardio, drink some protein, and take my baby girl to the splash pad!

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