Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm ready!!!...I think...

Guess what? This will be my last blog before the Europa Supershow Dallas!!! **I got my nails done yesterday and the sound of them click click clicking on the keyboard is quasi-annoying, so this may not be a long one.**

The past few days have been a bit of a blur. A fun blur, but a blur. Mixed in with trips to the store for more fish, chicken, or sweet potatoes, was a facial, hair appointment, and mani/pedi. I have my bag pretty much packed and purchased a fun new cooler today for all my food for Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow is when the fun stops, however. I'll be cleaning house for most of the day along with drinking a gallon of water. No seasonings, condiments, or anything to drink other than water is allowed. No biggie. The chicken Shane grilled for me tonight smelled yummy, I don't anticipate it being too bad. Despite my penchant for tex-mex, I'm ok with a pretty bland diet. I don't really add salt or pepper to things and can do without ketchup on my SPF.

What I am looking forward to is how my body responds. We shall all see the results on Friday!! Many pictures to come. My heart pounds just thinking about it. It's a mixture of emotions...nervous, excited, scared, determined... I'm looking forward to the whole weekend, actually. I'll have friends and family joining me at Europa as well as afterwards for a yummy dinner that Shane put together. On Sunday, Zoe is being baptized and we'll have family there for that as well! It will definitely be a weekend to remember, a weekend of celebration. If I happen to also have a trophy to show for it, that would rock! If not, I'll be ok, but will have something to work towards in the near future.

Time to get some rest. Stay tuned for a show recap on Monday! :)

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