Monday, August 29, 2011

OKC Grand Prix - 9 weeks and counting!

When I met with Jeff last, we discussed future shows. I knew at the time that I wasn't ready to be done for the season. He mentioned me trying to get ready for Texas State in October and possibly Oklahoma City Grand Prix at the end of October. He said, "let's shoot for Texas State, see how you are, and make a decision then." That sounded good to me. I even asked him to give me a new menu to hold me over until he had my new plan ready. Let's just say I haven't quite gotten back into a routine yet. My intentions were there...are still there...but my mind just wasn't ready.
Why do we self-sabotage? I know that I don't feel well when I eat crap, so why do I do it? I know that cheeseburgers aren't going to give me more muscle and donuts aren't going to help me burn why does my mind want them...constantly?! After letting myself gain almost 15lbs back from contest weight, I decided not only was it time to get real, but it was time to get real real quick. I have to hold myself accountable. That's the only downside to not working with a trainer in the gym. What helps me stay accountable is writing. Even if no one reads this, me taking the time to write down my feelings and intentions keeps my mind right. The other biggie is getting back into a routine. I had written about my routines or habits at one point. I need to get back into the groove with them. Cooking larger quantities, grocery shopping on my specific day that I used to, hitting up the gym around the same time...etc etc etc.
Ugh. That reminds me, my workouts have gotten a lot harder. It's like my last group of exercises was the minors and now I've stepped up to the bigs. The first leg program was killer. So much so, that today is the first day since Thursday that I'm not sore. I even had to split it up the day I did it. I only got through the 125 jump squats and 1 set of 50 lunges before my body wanted to stop. At that point, I hopped on the elliptical and chatted with a gym buddy for 30 minutes. Later that night, I was back up there...I even had Shane time me when I did my sprints. I'm not sure exactly what got me, but I had some serious soreness. Needless to say, that sidelined me for the rest of the week. I got my yoga in, but didn't lift again.
I have gone to bed every night for the last 4 days saying, "ok, back on track tomorrow." and have yet to stay on track. I think it's the "I'll start my diet tomorrow" syndrome. I know way too many people that do that...and now, myself included. Well, tomorrow IS when I will be back on track. I have my day planned out in my mind and have even prepped food for tomorrow. Part of what will make it easier is Shane is starting his meal plan that Jeff wrote for him tomorrow. I took a look at it, and it's legit. I'm a little jealous of his 2 allotted cheat meals, but then again, he's not trying to get on stage in 9 weeks.
I can do this. I know I can, and maybe that's why I've been slacking. Well, no more slacking. Tomorrow starts Tricia's road to a first place victory!! I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can!

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