Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm back!

Ahhhh, wow, that was quite a long rest from blogging.  Not at all what I had intended!  Last you heard from me, I had just come off my competition and was debating doing another comp that same season.  I truly wanted to, but it just didn't happen.  I mentally hit a road block.  Then my body followed.  I talked to Jeff about it, worried that I was doing something wrong.  He advised that I take a hiatus and then we'd hit it hard come January.  Well, God had other plans for me...

I'll never forget standing in line at Starbucks in Highland Park Village with one of my besties, Jessica.  "Dude, I think I'm preggo."  I said as I tried not to have a meltdown.  "You're just stressing yourself out, relax" was her reply.  Well, lots of shoe shopping and a couple pregnancy tests later, I found out I was going to be having a baby come July.  It was such a wave of mixed emotions.  The hubs and I did want more kiddos, however, I was just settling in my "new hot bod" that I worked so freakin' hard for.  Oh well.  Bring on the baby belly!

Now, fast forward about two *gasp, really??* years to my kitchen this morning.  My oldest is in preschool and I'm home with the tiny one, now 15 months old.  Still in my robe.  Sipping my coffee from a huge mug.  Lazily planning my day.  Today's Tuesday, so that means: mop the floors *again*, do what laundry I have in a small, slowly amassing pile...we did 8 loads this past weekend...seriously..., and go to the chiropractor.   Oh, and get back to blogging. :)

Jessica (remember the girl who told me I was just stressing? hehe) and I recently attended a HUGE Beauty Event at Nordstrom Galleria.  It was ridiculously fun for both of us.  We're both admitted beauty junkies (well, I'll admit it for her) so it was right up our alley.  Seeing the bloggers at the end of the runway snapping pics and taking notes inspired me.  My goal is to let this be the creative outlet I need.  I have always been a lover of all things fashion, beauty, and home.  I pour over every magazine that ends up in my mailbox.  I've always been that way.  Soaking in knowledge, tips, tricks, whatever really, that is written.  If it interests me, I'll learn everything I can about it.  Guess what that means?  You get to read about it! Yaaaay!  So, subscribe to me (pleeeease!) and look for my blogs about trends, tutorials, product reviews, DIY, and a recipe here and there.  The possibilities are endless! ;)


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