Monday, July 18, 2011

Egg Whites, Egg Whites, and more Egg Whites...

I officially have 25 days to go until the BIG day. Europa. I have my countdown up on the fridge with my bikini fabric swatch next to it. The fridge isn't the demon that it once was. Before it was where I would find myself if I was bored. Now, it's where I keep my "fuel" and my goals.

I've been going through phases of loving my diet and loathing my diet. Loving it when I see results and feel great with lots of energy. Loathing it when it's someone's birthday and that mean cake taunts me. You know that commercial where the woman is at the supermarket and telling off the cake with the bear sheriff? That's me at a birthday party, baby shower, etc. Both times I've given in. Why? Because I know I can have just a taste...and also, at the time, wasn't 3 weeks from competition. Ha!

This morning while I was trying to choke down my 4 egg whites, I decided to find a way to enjoy them. Before deciding to compete, I would read other girls' blogs about their diet and how boring it was or how sick they were of the food. Well, the only thing I wouldn't care if I ever ate again is egg whites. I have 4 with breakfast and 3 or 4 before bed. Everyday. I'm a little tired of them and so is my mouth. At least at night, I have them hard-boiled with a little bit of mustard added. If I close my eyes, I can convince myself that it's deviled eggs. Breakfast, however, is totally different.

I remembered reading about "protein pancakes" in my Oxygen mag and decided to research to see what exactly was in them. Guess what? Almost exactly what I'm supposed to eat for breakfast! So, my happy little butt went to Central Market today and got some sugar-free maple syrup (which is surprisingly good, even Shane liked it!) and will be experimenting with my own version of protein pancakes in the morning. Fingers crossed that they are as good as I'm picturing them to be. Heck, anything will be better than what I'm trying to eat right now!

Now, I need to go eat my fish and salad. That I actually look forward to! :)


  1. paleo pancakes? eggs... olive oil... bananas... and almond butter???

  2. I would if I could have almond no oils right now really...
    egg whites, oatmeal, blueberries, and whey protein. however, i'll be omitting the whey and upping the oatmeal content. experimenting...